I survived a heart attack
four years ago.
I want to celebrate my life!
My two-year-old daughter has
already had four surgeries
for a congential heart defect.
I want to help other parents.
My mom died of a stroke
four years ago.
She was my best friend.
I want to raise money and
raise awareness about strokes.
My best friend died of
a heart attack last year.
I walk because even if
I can't talk to her,
I can do something FOR her.
I walk with hope for the day that
no parent will ever lose a child
and feel the pain I have.
Too many friends and family
have been affected.
I walk because I want to HELP.
I want to make a DIFFERENCE!

You are not alone...Community Teams REALLY make a DIFFERENCE.


Community Team members are friends, families or survivors of heart disease or stroke who bring unique experiences and strengths to help the American Heart Association further its mission.  The Greater Washington Community Teams are comprised of a group of individuals who are dedicated to raising awareness and life-saving financial contributions to combat heart disease and stroke. 

Heart Disease and Stroke are the nation's #1 and #3 killers. Here in the Greater Washington area, we are fighting hard to change these numbers. But we can't support research and education without YOU. We're looking for people to come and Walk with us, RAISE money and have FUN!  Registering is simple and quick, so you'll be able to start your own fight against heart disease and stroke within minutes! Ready to get started?

   1. Click here to start your own Community Team or join an existing Team!

   2.  Register

   3. Customize Your Personal Webpage                                                                    

   4.  Send customized emails to your friends and family inviting them to join your team or make a donation towards your goal.

   5.  Enter Checks and Cash

Please note: You will not see this money applied to your goal until it is received by the AHA. It is very important that you enter your checks and cash so that we may accurately credit you for the donation.

If you have cash to turn in, please contact the AHA to schedule a pick-up.