Missouri flooding victims need you!

Right now UAN is mobilizing volunteers to help animals displaced by serious flooding in far Southeast Missouri. These animals are pets belonging to evacuated families and stray animals rescued from the flood.

Our team, specially trained in emergency sheltering for animals in crisis, will give the animals food, water, comfort and compassion until they can be reunited with their owners or placed in new homes.

Your donation to our Emergency Relief Fund will help us care for animals uprooted by catastrophe -- both in Missouri and beyond.

As I'm sure you've read in the news, flooding, tornadoes and other severe weather has devastated communities across the Southeastern United States recently.

We are closely monitoring the situation and expect communities in other parts of the Southeast to need help soon as well. Often times, it takes several days or even weeks for officials in disaster-stricken communities to identify what help they need for the animals.

We stand ready to help when that call comes and your donation to the Emergency Relief Fund ensures that we have the resources to bring animal victims of disaster out of crisis and into care.

Please donate today so we can care for the flooding victims and Missouri and other disaster victims who may soon need our help.

Thanks for caring about the animals.


Nicole Forsyth
President and CEO

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