About Our Organization

The Teenok Heart Foundation was formed in loving memory of Samara Beth Lessner. Born with cardiomyopathy, a congenital heart defect, Samara Beth lived only four and a half months but she lives on in the hearts of her family and friends. Children's heart ailment affect all too many. The statistics on children's heart ailments should bother all of us.

How can a modest start-up foundation make a difference? Teenok's mission is to offer an extra "breath of life" to existing hospital programs in pediatric cardiology. Funds will be earmarked to (1) contribute to the expense of on-going clinical research in infant heart disease, (2) provide supplemental funding for equipment and personnel on pediatric cardiac units, and (3) offer financial and/or social service support to patients and their families. The distribution will be determined by a panel of trustees. Heading our medical advisory board is Dr. Seth J. Lessner, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellow at Weill Cornell Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital, in conjunction with Dr. George Ruiz, attending physician in cardiology, Washington Hospital Center and Children's National Hospital. Members of both committees serve on a strictly volunteer basis.