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Community Health Network Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $100,000.00
Total Raised: $42,840.38

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 1400
Members Recruited: 696

To start a new team, click on the 'Create New Team' link to the right of the level to add the team underneath that level. Click the 'Join Team' next to the team in which you want to become a team member.

 Company StructureActionLeader Name
Create New TeamKaramchand Paul
Karamchand Paul
     Community Employer HealthCreate New TeamSteve Zetzl
          CEH Community Employer Health TeamJoin TeamSteve Zetzl
     Community Heart & Vascular HospitalCreate New TeamSusan Taylor
          CHVH AirHeartJoin TeamJeff Plough
          CHVH Cardiopulmonary RehabJoin TeamPetra Hinkle
          CHVH Case ManagementJoin TeamTherese Byrd
          CHVH Cath LabJoin TeamJenny Perdue
          CHVH Day Bed Heart HeroesJoin TeamMegan Bees
          CHVH DietaryJoin TeamMarissa Trout
          CHVH ICUJoin TeamNicole Shelton
          CHVH ImagingJoin TeamMelissa Slagle
          CHVH Jamie Williams' TeamJoin TeamJamie Williams
          CHVH ORJoin TeamTracy Phelps
          CHVH PCU - DespinoyJoin TeamNatalie Despinoy
          CHVH PCU All-StarsJoin TeamJena Daily
          CHVH Sweet "Hearts" (Registration)Join TeamRashauna White
          CHVH Team Dave KileyJoin TeamDave Kiley
          CHVH Team Testing (Suite 140)Join TeamPatrese Moses
          CHVH The Heart ThrobsJoin TeamAndrea Redstone-Henry
          CHVH Tony AulicinoJoin TeamTony Aulicino
          CHVH Tracy's Myocardial ManiacsJoin TeamKaren Hudson
          CHVH/CHN Hunts Heart Healthy WalkersJoin TeamPamela Hunt
     Community Heart & Vascular PhysiciansCreate New TeamCHVP Leader
          CHVP All HeartJoin TeamRhonda Irvin
          CHVP Vascular TeamJoin TeamJennifer Hunt
     Community Home HealthCreate New TeamSharon Beatson
          CHH Healthy HeartsJoin TeamKristaan Kotowski
          CHH Heart BeatsJoin TeamChris Thomason
          CHH The Red HotsJoin TeamSharon Beatson
     Community Hospital AndersonCreate New TeamJulie Lightner
          CHA Achy Breaky HeartsJoin TeamBobbi Eads
          CHA AndersonJoin TeamHannah MacGilvray
          CHA Clot BustersJoin TeamJulie Lightner
          CHA Happy HeartbeatsJoin TeamTamara Scarberry
          CHA Holey WalkamoliesJoin TeamAsh Vlaskamp
          CHA Holy WalkamoliesJoin TeamAmanda Roberts
          CHA Med/SurgJoin TeamDenise Crawford
          CHA Northview Happy HeartsJoin TeamTawna Gaines
          CHA Pulse of CHAJoin TeamBecky Collins
          CHA SurgeryJoin TeamAshley Crooks
          CHA Wellness WalkersJoin TeamMichelle Cook
     Community Hospital EastCreate New TeamJulie Wallace
          CHE AdministrationJoin TeamAmy Wire
          CHE Candice Thurston's TeamJoin TeamCandice Thurston
          CHE Cardiopulmonary RehabJoin TeamAmy Inman
          CHE Clinical EngineeringJoin TeamRussell Snow
          CHE CrazytownJoin TeamJetta Beard
          CHE East Women's & Children's ServicesJoin TeamLibby Harris
Jeanne Norton
          CHE Environmental ServicesJoin TeamErin Ross
Kari Andrews
          CHE Imaging Loving HeartsJoin TeamCosandra Oliver
          CHE Running for RedJoin TeamSandy Pollard
          CHE Sleep LabJoin TeamCarman Randolph
          CHE Team Brave HeartsJoin TeamJulie Wallace
          CHE Team EastellenceJoin TeamSally Powell
          CHE Team HEARTingerJoin TeamLeslie Hartinger
     Community Hospital NorthCreate New TeamCHN Site Leader
          CHN CDAJoin TeamCassandra Farmer
          CHN MRO is the bombJoin TeamTerri Hemmerlein
          CHN Patient AccessJoin TeamSelena Thomas
     Community Hospital SouthCreate New TeamLinda Smith
          CHS -Heart ThrobsJoin TeamStephanie Wyatt
          CHS Heart and Vascular Care and Pulmonary MedJoin TeamErin Gabbard
          CHS Life-Style ChangersJoin TeamLinda Smith
          CHS Med/Surg Has HeartJoin TeamAllyson Farkas
          CHS Patient Access HeartthrobsJoin TeamCheryl Wilson
          CHS Rehab RacersJoin TeamChristine Taylor
          CHS The ThrombustersJoin TeamKevin Anderson
     Community Westview HospitalCreate New TeamSue Yeskie
          CWH Community Healthplex Sports ClubJoin TeamLauren Campbell
          Sue YeskieJoin TeamSue Yeskie
     CPI Offices, East MarketCreate New TeamRichard Bickel
          CPIE Fort Ben UnitJoin TeamAmanda Staggs
          CPIE Richard Bickel's TeamJoin TeamRichard Bickel
          CPIE Sellers TeamJoin TeamMaribeth Sellers
     Johnson Memorial HospitalCreate New TeamHope Lowhorn
          JMH Dr. Paul & Hope's TeamJoin TeamHope Lowhorn
Karamchand Paul
     NetworkCreate New TeamTom Malasto
          CHNw Magnum PI'sJoin TeamEmily Sego
          CHNw Ortho Strong - Sweet HeartsJoin TeamDeidre Pflugh
          CHNw RCL Heart ThrobsJoin TeamJanet Edwards
          CHNw Team ExcellenceJoin TeamRoxie Hornback
          CHNw Team MalastoJoin TeamTom Malasto
          CHNw Wilson and the Funky Bunch!!Join TeamCaroline Patrick
     VEICreate New TeamPete Turner
          Team Hogan/TurnerJoin TeamPete Turner
Mike Hogan

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