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Mike's Plunge Team

Mike's Plunge Team Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $25,000.00
Total Raised: $30,269.50

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 35
Members Recruited: 39

Our 12th Team Plunge

Join our team if you want to have FUN!! We have the BEST Tailgate Party! this will be Mike's 24th Year participating in Special Olympics!!

Team Members:
Total Raised$30,269.50  
Allan Waschak$5,477.00  
Amy Sadacca$1,479.00  
   Michael Barron$3,085.00  
   Michele Barron$75.00  
   Chase Breck$75.00  
   Christopher Breck$75.00  
   Catherine Leigh Broadhurst$75.00  
   Camille Burns$175.00  
   CLARE COLLELI$2,020.50  
   Alex Cox$2,020.00  
   Lexi Cucchiaro$250.00  
   Shannon Cucchiaro$300.00  
   Jefferey Curtin$75.00  
   Anna Marie DeWitt$2,513.00  
   Brian Dewitt$325.00  
   Maura Dougherty$625.00  
   David Evans$75.00  
   Ben Feasley$280.00  
   Mimi Goodman$280.00  
   Sharon Graham$325.00  
   Jennifer Hornor$75.00  
   Anna Latzko$75.00  
   shelby lederman$300.00  
   Jonathan Lehner$75.00  
   John Logan$2,155.00  
   Noelle Mineart$270.00  
   Kaitlyn O'Byrne$225.00  
   Michael O'Byrne$75.00  
   Ann Scholz$75.00  
   Clara Scholz$215.00  
   Eric Scholz$75.00  
   Paul Scholz$560.00  
   Mike Waschak$5,245.00  
   Ryan Westerlund$75.00  
   Adam Zaidi$75.00  
   Amina Zaidi$75.00  
   Jennifer Zinderman$400.00  
   Jessica Zinderman$270.00  
   Zachary Zinderman$350.00  

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