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Thanks for joining the 98 Rock Plunge Team for the 21st Annual Maryland State Police Polar Bear Plunge and thanks for the support that you are showing for Special Olympics Maryland. Here are some details that will be helpful in planning your day.

1) Thank you again for raising money for Special Olympics Maryland. Having raised at least $75 reserves your spot on the team.

2) All team 98 Rock Members should use the Polar Express Shuttle System. NOTE: You will not be able to access the Park on Saturday in your vehicle without a parking pass, so review the park and ride options on the transportation instructions found at

3) When you arrive, you will be located near the plunge registration tent (see map at ). Please proceed through the registration process here where you will submit any last minute donations, sign your waiver and get your plunge sweatshirt and wrist band.

4.) After you have registered proceed to the Famous Daveís Tailgate (see map at ) and look for the 98 Rock van to check in with us there.

The Tailgate lot is open from 10 AM until 1 PM.
You will receive a food voucher when you check in at the van. You can redeem voucher for a sandwich and a side.
Beer and soft drinks will also be served.
The first 98 people to raise at least the minimum $75 will receive a 98Rock commemorative ski hat.
5.) All Team98 Rock members will be given a special credential which will be required to enter the tent from which we will stage the Team98 plunge.

There will be only one credential per team member. No additional quests are entitled to enter the tent unless they have joined the team and raise the minimum pledge amount.
Note: Credentials will not be sent out. Please be sure to go to Tailgate lot after registering to join the team and get your credential.
The Schedule

7:30am Shuttle lots open

8:00am Main Plunge Registration opens

10:00am Credentials available and Famous Daveís Tailgate open

10:00am Ramís Head Ice Lodge open

11:15am Begin moving to changing tent to prepare for Team 98Rock Plunge

11:30am In changing tent prepare to plunge

11:55am Assemble outside changing tent for Team 98Rock Plunge

12:00noon Team 98Rock Plunge

12:15pm Post plunge activities

Ramís Head Ice Lodge Live Stage

98Rock broadcast area in Ramís Head Ice Lodge

1:00pm Main Plunge

3:00pm Last Plunge

5:00pm Last bus leaves

Team Members:
Total Raised$27,694.02  
General Team Donation$595.00  
John Laur$0.00  
   Ashley Karopchinsky$360.00  
   Virginia Richardson$150.00  
   Roger Acker$775.00  
   Corinne Airgood$75.00  
   Casey Alyn$20.00  
   Cadyn Baker$75.00  
   Justin Beaver$275.00  
   Ryan Beaver$115.00  
   Amanda Bedingfield$0.00  
   Krystle Bednark$75.00  
   Gabriel Bell$150.00  
   Michael Bennett$75.00  
   Christopher Beringer$165.00  
   Joseph Betts$75.00  
   Jessica Blucher$100.00  
   Lou Botteon$20.00  
   Danny Boyle$100.00  
   Zach Brech$75.00  
   Chris Brooks$100.00  
   Eva Brooks$75.00  
   Kevin Browning$75.00  
   Stephanie Burck$0.00  
   David Callgan$0.00  
   Dalton Canby$100.00  
   donald chiaruttini$0.00  
   James Chrzanowski$75.00  
   Matt Clair$235.00  
   Alexander Clites$75.00  
   Carl Coburn$250.00  
   Matt Corn$100.00  
   Ryan Corn$75.00  
   Clifton Crawford$75.00  
   Robin De Young$80.00  
   Pat Dickey$150.00  
   Michael Dowling$175.00  
   Katie DuLaney$138.33  
   Molly Dunn$300.00  
   Dawn Edens$1,100.00  
   Kelsey Edwards$75.00  
   Josh Escolopio$75.00  
   Michael Fink$0.00  
   melissa Fisher$75.00  
   Dean Formica$105.00  
   Brandon Frebertshauser$160.00  
   Emily Galen$75.00  
   Bradly Gayhardt$950.00  
   Denise Gee$75.00  
   Matt Geldmacher$160.00  
   Michael Gerlach$2,310.03  
   Denean Gough$470.00  
   Ken Gough$770.00  
   Morgan Grove$100.00  
   Ryan Hale$75.00  
   Rebecca Hanzsche$0.00  
   Martha Harris$75.00  
   Richard Henderson$100.00  
   Tiffany Heron$75.00  
   Timothy Heron$75.00  
   Michael Hildebrand$135.00  
   Steven Hildebrand$210.00  
   Danny Himmel$80.00  
   Mary Himmel$75.00  
   Peter Hoffman$75.00  
   Jeff Hopkins$325.00  
   Lisa Hresko$115.00  
   Colin Inscoe$295.00  
   Michelle Jackson$50.00  
   Amber James$75.00  
   Gordon J. Johannes$0.00  
   Matt Juhasz$75.00  
   Mark Kaduk$125.00  
   Michael Kaduk$75.00  
   Nate Kaduk$683.00  
   Matt Kalkbrenner$75.00  
   Nathalie Koch$100.00  
   Mark Kreul$100.00  
   Amanda Kriner$150.00  
   Richard Kronenwetter$275.00  
   Peter Kuyatt$75.00  
   Michelle Lane$75.00  
   Jonathan Lensch$125.00  
   Earl Lewis$75.00  
   Josh Lewis$175.00  
   Kayla Lewis$100.00  
   Demetri Makris$0.00  
   Jess Manning$200.00  
   Carl Martin$80.00  
   Christie Martin$75.00  
   Dylan Martin$75.00  
   Marquis Matthews$155.00  
   Laurie Mayne$75.00  
   Nick Mayne$75.00  
   Megan McBay$75.00  
   Leigh McHargue$75.00  
   Matthew McHargue$75.00  
   Michael Michael$100.00  
   Jose Montoya$170.00  
   Lee Morgan$75.00  
   Casey Moser$110.00  
   Stefan Moyer$185.00  
   Chris Munchel$180.00  
   Bradley Murphy$75.00  
   Donald Murphy$75.00  
   William Murray$25.00  
   Ashley Narowanski-Amoss$210.00  
   Alicia Nash$255.00  
   Kim Naumann$425.00  
   Travis Nazelrod$150.00  
   Scott Neuner$100.00  
   Alexis Norris$0.00  
   Tina Nuckles$0.00  
   Renee Oconnor$75.00  
   Chris Ousley$100.00  
   Amanda Ovelgone$205.00  
   Darren Pallozzi$561.00  
   Lynn Pallozzi$410.00  
   Mark Pallozzi$614.00  
   Brittany Paolino$75.00  
   Rachel Pennington$75.00  
   Cameron Peters$0.00  
   Aaron Porter$420.00  
   Jeffrey Powell$415.00  
   Shana Prematta$135.00  
   Steve Randolph$75.00  
   Nathan Redline$350.00  
   Michele Reedy$0.00  
   Lauren Riley$0.00  
   Brian Robinson$120.00  
   Samantha Robinson$100.00  
   Cassie Schanberger$265.00  
   Karl Schmidt Jr$75.00  
   Renee Schwickrath$300.00  
   Lauren Shields$75.00  
   Kandace Shortt$185.00  
   Lonnie Shortt$80.00  
   Kellie Simon$96.33  
   Richard Simon$210.33  
   Meaghan Slade$150.00  
   Anita Smith$205.00  
   Jamie Smith$75.00  
   Ryan Smith$75.00  
   Heather Sokolowski$75.00  
   Tony Sokolowski$75.00  
   Tim Spicer$345.00  
   Justin Spittal$75.00  
   Amanda Taylor$75.00  
   Lia Testerman$120.00  
   Greg Tetrick$225.00  
   Kyle Tetrick$75.00  
   Maggie Thomas$0.00  
   Tina Von gunten$150.00  
   Maurice Warner$166.00  
   Tiffany Warner$85.00  
   James Weatherstein$400.00  
   Carly Wheat$75.00  
   Carroll Wheat$85.00  
   noah wheat$75.00  
   Noah White$805.00  
   Eric Wickre$100.00  
   Kyriana Wilson$0.00  
   Keith Young$100.00  

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