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DoubleLine Capital Run for Natalie

Support DoubleLine Capital's 2015 Run for Natalie Team!

Please join us this November 15th as we participate in the 1st annual DoubleLine Capital Run in memory of our dear friend and colleague, Natalie Spiva. Natalie was an integral member of the DoubleLine team, having worked as an executive assistant for noted bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach for close to 25 years. Everyone in our firm knew Natalie to be a lively, kind, and positive woman who didn’t let her diagnosis get in the way of her living life to the fullest.

Natalie was first diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer in March of 2011. Since then her motto had been, “I carry cancer off very well if I do say so myself.” Given her passionate and positive approach to everything, people were often surprised to find out that Natalie was sick. Throughout the past four years, Natalie maintained her zeal for life while receiving treatment in her fight against ovarian cancer.

If you haven’t yet had the chance, please take a moment to join our team and donate to this very worthy cause. Run for Her is helping to sustain the work of the Cedars-Sinai's Women’s Cancer Program. This includes clinical care, lab-based research, genetic testing & counseling, and the ability to provide innovative therapeutic clinical trials for women with gynecologic cancers right here in Los Angeles. Per the American Cancer Society, ovarian cancer ranks 5th in cancer deaths among women, accounting for more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system.

The DoubleLine Family

Team Members:
Total Raised$41,768.00  
General Team Donation$10,831.00  
Shelley Griffith$132.00  
Emily Davis$500.00  
Lou Lucido$15,000.00  
   Jenny Ahn$132.00  
   Ken Austin$282.00  
   Rod Boone$182.00  
   Chase Borkowski$32.00  
   Stacy Boyle$132.00  
   Angela Caliri$132.00  
   Bill Campbell$132.00  
   Henry Chase$782.00  
   Emidio Checcone$200.00  
   Eric Chen$132.00  
   Morris Chen$232.00  
   Lorie Cheng$300.00  
   Mark Cho$32.00  
   Mark Christensen$200.00  
   Robert Cohen$200.00  
   Cortnee Connor$132.00  
   Joel Covarrubias$180.00  
   Emily Davidson$3,000.00  
   Peter Davidson$32.00  
   Joan Elam$32.00  
   Sophia Estrada$132.00  
   Steve Go$132.00  
   Suzanne Grau$132.00  
   William Hansen$132.00  
   Valerie Ho$232.00  
   Andrew Hsu$332.00  
   Heather Hudoba$257.00  
   Diana Jacobs$132.00  
   Katherine Joyce$282.00  
   Mike Kim$132.00  
   Mark Kimbrough$132.00  
   Paul Kirste$500.00  
   Su Fei Koo$250.00  
   Joon Kyung$132.00  
   Anil Lalchand$200.00  
   Wei Liu$132.00  
   Newton Luu$52.00  
   Susan Nichols$632.00  
   Sunny Ommanney$132.00  
   Luz Padilla$500.00  
   Matthew Park$132.00  
   Fifi Rawlins$182.00  
   Ronald Redell$532.00  
   Gheorghe Rotar$100.00  
   Alison Santa Ana$1,032.00  
   Scott Sarver$132.00  
   Michael Schroeder$100.00  
   Sophie Schulman$100.00  
   Kapil Singh$100.00  
   Andrew Sklvoer$32.00  
   Patrick Songsanand$100.00  
   Brian Stack$500.00  
   Lu Tiong$200.00  
   Audrey Tjiptokesuma$257.00  
   Patrick Townzen$532.00  
   Steven Wald$132.00  
   Heather Wegner$107.00  

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