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  Team Name Team Captain Donation Total
1 - Medical VolunteersCarol Redlich$951,437.06
2 - Pediatric Residency Program...Toni Eyssallenne$30,030.00
3 - Treat Breast Cancer in Haiti...Vincent Degennaro$58,560.00
4 - Community Health ProgramCHP Captain$150.00
5- Orphans & Vulnerable Children...OVC Captain$200.00
6 - Maternal Health CenterMHC Captain$525.00
7 - School HealthSH Captain$0.00
8 - Save the Spinal CordSSC Captain$60.00
9 - Wound Care ProgramJudith Coster$0.00
CP - Caneshare 2014-2015Captain Caneshare2014$19,294.20
CP - Central Plateau Water Project...Marc Veletzos$600.00
CP - Emory Thanksgiving 2014ET2014 Captain$15,170.59
CP - GW March 2015 MedicineGW0315 Captain$5,763.00
CP - GW January 2015 NursingGW0115 Captain$5,052.00
CP - GW July 2015 MedicineGWJuly2015 Captain$4,606.05
CP - GW Spring 2014 MedicineJack Summer$3,870.36
CP - GW Summer 2014 MedicineMarc Siegel$0.00
CP - GW Winter 2014 NursingRick James$4,260.00
CP - Medical TripsRolando Perez$1,520.75
CP - Merrimack 2014Kevin Melanson$9,972.00
CP - Morehouse School of Medicine 2015...MSM Captain$12,646.79
CP - MUSC Service Learners Inter....Laura Franko-Tobin$12,594.10
CP - MUSC SLI 2015MS15 Captain$17,136.56
CP - UTSW Ti PA Ti Pa Haiti Service Trip...UTSW Captain$0.00
PG - Insulin for ValenciaJennifer Rogers$1,070.00
PG - TGH Pharmacy Residency Program...Katelyn Dervay$2,535.00
PG - The Skin ClinicBrian Morrison$5,125.00
PI - Bubbles for BabiesJane Pegg$3,572.75
PI - Dr. Pierre Annual Fundraising...DPAF Captain$5,700.00
PI - Haitian Nurse Observership...Jennifer Rogers$400.00
PI - Limitless Beauty & SkinMedica...Andrew, Lauren, Oliver Sperber$33,360.00
PI - Miami Palmetto High School...Jared Spector$768.00
PI - National Critical Care and Trauma Hospital...NCCH Captain$100.00
PI - Nursing Conference 2015Jennifer Rogers$4,175.00
Z - Teams Merged 2013R2013 P2013$223,509.08
Z - Archive - VolunteersAdmin01 Medishare$914.86
Z - Teams Merged 2010Zack Lonberg$1,407,432.08
Z - Teams Merged 2011R P$95,262.32
Z - Teams Merged 2012R2012 P2012$173,326.20
 Indicates Team is accepting new members from the public.

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