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Reason To Believe


What's ur r2b?

"The research and the passion at the Diabetes Research Institute give me reason to believe in a cure for diabetes. That's why I'm a Diabetes Diplomat." --Kevin Covais, American Idol finalist

For Diabetes Awareness Month this November, join the Diabetes Diplomats by organizing a school-wide fundraising and educational program. It's fun. It's easy. And it allows the student to Be the Hero!

Whether you're directly affected by diabetes or not, YOU can help…and that's just one more Reason to Believe in a cure. Don't wait for it. Aim for it!

Setting goals, choosing the event that's right for you and other ideas to help you get started.

Follow these easy steps to organize a successful event at your school.

Join Kevin Covais as a Diabetes Diplomat. We will walk you through the entire process.

Everything you need to create a successful Diabetes Diplomat event in your school.

We have reason to believe in a cure for diabetes. And so do you!

Sure, you'll be the hero by joining, but you can also win great prizes!

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