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Welcome to Friends Asking Friends

You can help your hungry neighbors get the food assistance they need by organizing a fundraiser to benefit the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

Through Friends Asking Friends, you can be an integral part of the effort to ensure Rhode Islanders in need have access to healthy food. Register to let us know what you're doing and help raise money and awareness for the Food Bank.

Three Steps to Fundraising Success…
One: Click the “Register Here” button above and tell
us about yourself.

Two: Create your webpage and personalize it with content
about why supporting the Food Bank is important to

Three: Send personalized emails to your friends and family
with a link to your webpage, asking for their support.

Some Unique Fundraising Ideas
A few years ago the Grand Chapter of Rhode Island Order of Eastern Star organized a “Rock-A-Thon” to benefit the Food Bank. Eastern Star members solicited the support of their friends and family for their rocking chair event. Events such as these are great models for online fundraising!

With this tool, you can engage your family and friends to include supporting the Food Bank as part of birthday, anniversary, wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or graduation celebrations. Similarly, this site can be used to encourage charitable giving during the holiday season or to commemorate family gatherings, special milestones and personal triumphs.

Friends Asking Friends is also a helpful concept for community service projects and workplace team builder programs and/or competitions.

The possibilities are limitless -- be creative and have fun!

Have more questions? Send us an email.

Thank you for supporting the RI Community Food Bank!

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