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Help Animals Like Roxie, Sylvie and Zeus!

While travelling home from some necessary pet-care surgery in London, Roxie, Sylvie and Zeus were involved in a terrible car accident. First-Responders were able to bring Sylvie and Roxie to our Centre later that same day, however, Zeus went missing after taking off from being startled by the unfamiliar and chaotic surroundings.

As each day passed, there was a growing concern within the community for Zeus's well-being. For more than two days, SPHS staff, rescue teams and volunteers from the area managed to track and follow him with the search finally coming to an end in the cold water of a culvert off of a Perth County road. Tired, hungry, and frightened, Zeus was taken in to the warmth of the Centre where he was reunited with his mother and sister. He received immediate medical attention, nourishment, and a much needed rest while we worked diligently to ensure the comfort and welfare of all three dogs.

So many families find themselves in distressing, unpredictable and unfortunate situations such as this. We here at the Stratford-Perth Humane Society understand that, while owners love their pets, they might not be in an immediate position to properly care for them, whether it is due to hospitalization or other emergency situations.

Your donation today will help to support the Stratford-Perth Humane Society in continuing to provide the necessary services required for our Emergency Boarding Program, offering families the peace of mind they need during difficult times.

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