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Open a School for Women Farmers in Sudan

Help Sudanese Mothers Feed Their Families

MADRE co-founded the first and only women farmers union in Sudan, giving women farmers the organic seeds and tools they need to sustain their families and earn an income. And we need your help!

MADRE supports over 3,000 women farmers from more than 50 villages! And, they’re not just feeding their families--they’re strengthening whole communities by reinvesting profits into repairing local schools and hiring teachers so that women can learn to read.

We need your help to make the Women Farmers Union even stronger. If we raise $5,000, the women farmers will be able to open their own community agriculture school! It will be a place for women to learn to farm organically and adapt to climate change.

Whether you donate directly or start your own campaign to raise funds from family and friends, your support will be life-sustaining for Sudanese women farmers and their families.
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