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2013 Mid Atlantic Classic Bike Tour

April 26-28

Holy Toledo..or should I say Holy Raffaldini, Rag Apple Lassie, Stony Knoll, Shelton and Daveste Vineyards. Great job everyone. What a great event, a great ride, a great 3 days and of course a wonderful adventure. We thank you guys for all you did, for riding over 100 miles, for going up those climbs (thanks for the smiling faces Paul), for raising the funds for our cause and overall for proving that persistence and passion for completing a goal is as thrilling as I always thought it was.

You guys have made it possible for others to move a little easier and with a little less pain. Thank you so much.

Thanks to Amgen, Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery, (you too Rogue Creamery), Depuy, and Genentech for your sponsorship/partnership of this event.

Thanks to Barb and Cecil and Kim for dueling it out on the fundraising- we'll see who wins.

Thanks to Paul and Rod for the wonderful support team and for making the SAG and stops so easily accessible.

Great event. Great job. More to come.

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