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Help Rescue Your Favorite Rocky Mountain Ransom Recruit

Armed with only a cell phone and their charm, Rocky Mountain Ransom Recruits were stranded in a Colorado mountaintop, just off Peak 7 at beautiful Breckenridge Ski Resort! All raised significant funds to go towards Flight For Life Colorado's new Europcopter B3E, which will dramatically enhance the speed of Flight For Life Colorado's high-altitude rescues, helping assure patients reach optimal treatment with minimal delay.

St. Anthony Health Foundation is grateful to these individuals for their commitment to making a difference in the lives of so many future patients.

"I support Flight For Life Colorado because they will be there in the event of an emergency. Flight For Life Colorado is a non-profit group that assures when people are in need of a life-saving lift, they will be safely delivered to the proper medical facility. Read More »

"Flight For Life Colorado has a special meaning to the Morris Family. My wife, Becky, was injured in a head-on car collision on Highway 285. Flight For Life Colorado transported her by helicopter to St. Anthony Central where she recovered from her injuries which included a broken neck. Read More »

"My direct knowledge of Flight for Life's commitment to everyone that either lives or visits our state came when I was fourteen years old. I was skiing at Vail with my brother and another friend. It was a perfect Colorado day that almost ended in tragedy. Read More »

"I was honored to work with the founders of Flight For Life Colorado, so I know the original intention that guided its start and the many obstacles they overcame to get it into Colorado's skies. Pioneering this inflight intensive care concept took extraordinary vision and tenacity. Read More »

"Flight for Life is a great community resource; it is always there to provide transportation for people in need without regard to the patient's ability to pay or insurance status. It's a true community treasure. Read More »

"Flight For Life Colorado has been there for Colorado, every day, 365 days a year, for 40 years. I want it to be there for at least another 40. It is an honor to be part of making sure everyone can count on Flight For Life Colorado being there when we need it." Read More »

"It could have been my baby… or my grandchild. Nearly one-third of those 4,000 patients – about 1,300, total – are babies and young children who must get to Children's Hospital Colorado for life-saving care. Last year, 82 of them were infants with congenital heart disease. Read More »

Flight For Life Colorado  and St. Anthony Hospital  are part of Centura Health, Colorado’s largest hospital and health care network and we are charting the course for the future of health care. Our strength lies in our ability to offer a team of connected networks and shared resources to deliver accessible, reliable and cost-effective health care across the state.

St. Anthony Health Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization. Your contribution is tax deductible and a tax acknowledgement letter will be mailed to you.

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