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Winn the Fight

Winn the Fight was founded by family and friends of Karl Winn, who lost a courageous battle with cancer in September 2007.  Through a partnership with Greenville Hospital System and through the generous support of donors like you, Winn the Fight funded a tissue bank in Greenville at the Institute of Translational Oncology Research (ITOR).  The Winn Tissue Bank provides the infrastructure for two critical components in the fight against cancer:

  • Total Cancer Care (TCC):  The database for the future that collects data, which will lead to new drug therapies that are personalized to the individual patient, and;
  • Target Now: An initiative of real time analysis of the targeted protein, matching tissue to drugs available today, and thereby personalizing medicine and, specifically, cancer care.

How do Total Cancer Care and Target Now work?

GHS and the Cancer Centers of the Carolinas are among a few selected sites in the United States that can offer this type of program: a database that is vigilantly mapping opportunities for your future care, while providing real time opportunities to help you today.

This research answers the questions: ?Why do some people respond to treatment and some do not?? ?Why do some people get serious side effects from treatment?? One person has horrendous side effects, another does not.

Currently, patients at GHS and its satellite campuses can donate tissue that would otherwise be discarded to the tissue bank. Our partners in this initiative include: Clemson University Genomics Institute and the Medical University of South Carolina, as well as Moffitt Comprehensive Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla.

We must continue revolutionizing care delivery to cancer patients, and the opportunity to do so is there with your help. The Winn Tissue Bank is both the research platform for the next 20 years of cancer research and for real time clinical results that matter now.  Join us to Winn the Fight against cancer!

Click here to learn more about TCC and Target Now!

About Dragon Boat Upstate Festival
The Dragon Boat Upstate Festival, now in its sixth year, raises thousands of dollars and hosts more than 1,500 visitors and team members during the event. Paddlers, volunteers and supporters enjoy a day at the lake while supporting cancer research and other cancer services in the Upstate.


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