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About Moveable Feast

Moveable Feast was founded in 1989 by a group of dedicated volunteers as a tax exempt nonprofit and is the only meal delivery program for homebound People Living with AIDS in the Greater Baltimore area. Moveable Feast even provides meals to dependent children and others residing with homebound People Living with AIDS. Last year we expanded our meal program to include women undergoing treatment for breast cancer and their families.

We Serve At the Heart of the Epidemic...

Despite many recent important advances in treatment and drug therapies,the AIDS epidemic in this country is far from over. There are 28.4 AIDS cases for every 1000 people in this country. For two years in a row Maryland has ranked fifth highest among states in the number of newly reported AIDS cases. In the city of Baltimore, the rate of new AIDS cases is three times the national average. Scarier still, the number of HIV-infected people in Baltimore is expected to double in the next decade.

...And We Aim to Help

People with AIDS and other life-challenging conditions often become caught in a vicious cycle of poor appetite and physical weakness that prevents them from providing adequate meals for themselves. They suffer from severe illnesses that limit their physical activity; low income and high health care costs, and isolation from their support network during the work day. Severe malnutrition can be a life-threatening condition, and is a frequent cause of hospitalization for People Living With HIV/AIDS.

Now in our twentieth year of service, we are continuing to grow and take on the new challenges that face our community. In addition to our original meal delivery program, we have added a "Meals for a Week" program as well as meals for several drop-off centers including STAR, YANA, Casey Family Services, Epiphany House and Chase-Brexton. Moveable Feast also provides a service called "People on the Move" which is an employment program for People Living with HIV/AIDS and a shuttle service used by the homeless population in the City of Baltimore.

FEED people. FIGHT disease. FOSTER hope.

For more information about Moveable Feast, please visit mfeast.org.

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