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Get started now! To start a Team or join an existing Team, please click here.

Team Basics

Forming a team is a great way to enhance an already incredibly meaningful experience. Teams come in all sizes from 2 friends and family members to a group of 100 employees. With the support of your team, training and fundraising is easier and multiplies the fun, laughter and your impact on the fight against ovarian cancer. A team can consist of a group of friends, co-workers, and family members who register, raise funds and participate together in support of a great cause. It is also an excellent opportunity for all small and large companies and organizations to  promote fellowship outside the work environment.

10 Easy Steps to Starting a Team

1.   Go to the homepage
2.   Click
3.   Click "I Agree"
4.   Click "Start a Team"
5.   After you click "Start a Team" a text box will appear and ask you to enter your team name, 
      recruiting goal, etc. (Note: This information can be updated at any time.)
6.   Once you completed this section, you will be directed to the "online registration form" 
      page. Complete the form.
7.   You will have now completed the registration process.
8.   A username and "password reset" email will be sent to you. Please set your password.
9.   A team webpage will be automatically be created for you with sample emails that you 
      may personalize with photos, text, etc. Access your team page by logging in to 
      "My Headquarters" located on the bottom left panel of the homepage.
10. Have questions? Need help? Contact run for her® Team Coordinator, Marina Gudelman 
      at (323) 866-6250 or

Team Member Registration

Each team member needs to register and pay the $35.00 registration fee to participate in run for her®. Go to the run for her®. "Homepage" and click "Register" and choose "Join a Team." To be included on your team's roster, each member must either register with your team name online at or complete a registration form coded with your official team name. Online registration closes on November 10th, afterwhich the registration fee will increase to $40.00.  Team member names are posted online to the team roster as soon as the registration form is processed. Team Captains can access the team roster by logging onto Team Page where they are able to add, remove, and update team member information.

Team Captains

Each Team Captain plays a significant role in the success of his or her team. Team Captains encourage participation and fundraising, as well as share important information about the event with their team members.  High energy, enthusiasm and good communication skills are important to taking on the role of Team Captain. When you register your Team, a Team Page will be created. We encourage you to personalize your Team Page to immediately begin collecting donations online. For larger teams, we suggest that you assign a Co-Captain.  Co-Captains will receive the same correspondence as the Team Captain and can communicate information to team members, assist in recruiting efforts and help team members with fundraising.

Fundraising Online

Remember, raising pledges is the key to furthering the fight against women's cancers. It is important that every participant raise pledges and we ask each run for her® team to set fundraising goals. Establishing a minimum goal of $250 per team member will ensure that your team makes a significant contribution to the mission of ending cancer as a threat to women. Once registered, a personal fundraising page will be created for each individual team member to activate and personalize. All contributions, including corporate matching gifts must be received by Friday, November 12, 2010 to be included in your team's fundraising total for the Top Fundraising Awards presented on event day.

Team Spirit

We ask that teams remember that run for her attracts many families and a wide array of individuals. If you are designing your own team t-shirts, please be considerate of others. No expletives or other offensive language or images. If you have any questions, please check with the run for her® Team Coordinator at (323) 866-6250. 

Team Signs

Team signs will be made for your team if the team is registered by Sunday, October 31st and consists of at least 5 team members.

Team Lounge

There will be a Team Lounge at the Finish Line Festival near the main stage where you can meet your team members and pick up your team sign before heading to the start line. After crossing the finish line, visit the Team Lounge to spend time with your team members, take your team photo and and enjoy a great view of the stage festivities.

For more information about forming a team, contact Marina Gudelman, Team Coordinator at (323) 866-6250 or

For detailed information, click here to download the complete Team Handbook. Find out more, including:

Fundraising Suggestions
Team Captain Web Access and Team Updates
Team Member Registration
My Team Page
Team Correspondence
Team Building


(Insert Your Name)
Sunday November 14, 2010
6th Annual run for her® 5K Run & Friendship Walk
Pan Pacific Park, Los Angeles

On Sunday, November 14, 2009, please join me in the fight against ovarian cancer by participating in the 6th Annual run for her® 5K Run and Friendship Walk and help create a greater awareness and raise needed funds for ovarian cancer research. To be a part of this special day, you may register online at with a major credit card or turn in your registration form and fee directly to (insert team captain name). Please be sure to indicate you are part of team (insert team name).

I hope you will join me in celebrating the women in your life by participating in run for her®.  If you need additional registration forms or have any questions, please call (insert team captain name) at (insert phone). If you
are unable to attend the event, we hope you will take an active role by sponsoring a participant on our team.

If you do not have online or Team Captain access, simply fill out the attached registration form and mail it along with your $35.00 registration fee directly to:

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
run for her®
Community Relations and Development - File 1227
1801 W Olympic Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91199-1227
Tax ID #951644600 
(323) 866-6410

Thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to seeing you on November 14th.


(Insert Your Name)



For general information, please go to and visit the Event Information Page.

For team-specific questions contact Marina Gudelman, Team Coordinator at (323) 866-6250 or

Do team members have to register just like individual participants?
A: Yes.  Each team member must register individually for the event and when prompted will be able to join your team by selecting your team name when registering on-line or by including your team information where indicated when completing a registration form.

Q: Should team members use their personal or business address when registering?
A: All important information about run for her will be mailed to the address provided, including pledge prizes, if eligible. Instruct team members to print their preferred address clearly on the registration form to prevent returns. Please keep in mind that this is the address that will be used when sending information on the 6th Annual run for her to be held on November 14, 2010.

Q: Can participants register on the day of the event and still join the team?
A: Yes.  On-site registrations will be available from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. on the morning of the event. Remind your team members to include your team name, to ensure that they are included on your final team roster following the event. However, any donations received will not be included in Top Team Fundraising Awards presented on the day of the event.

Q: How will I know who has registered on our team?
A: Your on-line "My Team Page" always has the most current team roster. By activating your Team Page
, you can see the same registration information as the run for her Team Coordinator. If you do not have internet access, you may contact your Team Coordinator.
Any discrepancies in your team roster should be brought to the attention of your Team Coordinator.  

For more information about forming a run for her team, contact your Team Coordinator,
Marina Gudelman at (323) 866-6250

Spend more time with your teammates on event morning!  Register early!

For directions, click here: 

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