Information for Donors (scroll down for Participants' info)

1. To mail in a check, you can use this general donation form. Or click on "Sponsor a Participant", search by name, click through to the participant's page and print a customized donation form from the page. (This will have the person's name and event filled in for us already and helps us give the person the credit for your donation.)

2. Make checks payable to "PCF - Athletes for a Cure".  Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  The Prostate Cancer Foundation's federal tax ID# is 95-4418411.

3. Mail checks plus donation form (or some note so that we know who this is in support of) to:
Athletes for a Cure
1250 Fourth Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401 

4. The participant will be sent an email when we receive your donation.

5. You will NOT be added to any of our print or online mailing lists. 

Information for Participants

1. Log in to your account

2. When logged in, click on "Enter Offline Donations" on the menu on the right.

3. Click on the "Enter Pledge" button.

4. Enter the donor's name, check number and amount. Please encourage donors to make out a check to Prostate Cancer Foundation rather than give you cash or have you write a check on their bahlf.  This is to ensure they get credit for tax purposes.

5. All pledges will be counted toward your fundraising goal.  (But we will also hound you for them, if they help you qualify for rewards but we never see the checks.)

6. Mail the pledges in.  Use the pledge form (for multiple checks), the donation form from your webpage or the generic donation form. This ensures that we credit the donation to your account.

7. We promise not to add any of your donors to a mailing list. We need their address to give them proper credit.


Before submitting any personal information, please read our Privacy Policy.
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