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Team Heifer is a grassroots movement where people like you help Heifer International end hunger and poverty around the world while caring for the earth. You use your creativity, energy, and commitment to launch a fundraising event that can change the world.

You may be familiar with fundraising walkathons or runathons. This is your chance to create a fundraising event in your community based around any of your favorite activities.

You can use Team Heifer for just about any idea you can think of. Some additional ideas include:

  • Educational House Party - Use Team Heifer to invite friends and family over to your house for a fundraising event. Make a special dinner, invite an educational speaker, watch a Heifer video, build an ark or just introduce people to Heifer's mission.

  • Church Groups - Use Team Heifer as a "paperless" fundraising tool to collect all your Heifer donations as a team. View instant summary results for your fundraising drive!

  • Golf Outing - Use Team Heifer to allow friends and family to register for a Heifer golf fundraiser you organize.

  • Sports Clubs - Invite your sports team to build a Team Heifer page to raise funds.  Challenge other teams within your league for some friendly fundraising competition.

  • Book Clubs - Organize a book reading as a fundraising opportunity for Heifer.

  • Hobby Clubs - Invite your hobby club to produce a special fundraising event for Heifer. Feature your hobby creatively while incorporating Heifer's mission.

  • Office Teambuilding - Use Team Heifer as an office team builder to raise money together around the holidays or a special date. Create friendly competition among departments for a larger event.

  • Family Fundraising - Invite all your relatives and extended family to join in a Team Heifer Holiday Fundraiser. See what a difference you can make when you work as a team to end hunger and poverty.

  • Organize a Hike - Grab some friends and pick your favorite local trail. Turn this healthy hike into a fundraising event for Heifer.

  • Personal Triumphs - Whatever it is that you enjoy doing.use your creativity to turn it into a Team Heifer fundraising event.

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