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Where the Money Goes

Current Research:

Here are a few exciting examples of advancements in cancer research being made at NCCC:

Moving away from whole-body toxic treatments, such as systemic chemotherapy, cancer research is pursing precision medicine based on targeted therapies.

Scott Gerber, PhD

Yolanda Sanchez, PhD

The nano-carriers are modified with antibody labels that target triple-negative and HER2-positive breast cancer, permitting release of carried drugs directly into the tumors.

Solomon Diamond, PhD

Todd Miller, PhD

“Understanding how the immune system interacts with cancer cells will help us select targeted immune therapies that potentially offer improved efficacy and fewer side effects. Ovarian cancer patients desperately need to have this capability in fighting their disease”
Ivy Wilkinson-Ryan, MD

The concept of a “liquid biopsy” is based on advances in the detection of biomarkers that are proving useful in determining clinical prognosis, and offers the possibility of diagnostics less

Gregory Tsongalis, PhD

John Zhang, PhD

Norris Cotton Cancer Center supports a truly comprehensive spectrum of research topics-- from the development of nanoparticle-based treatments, to new drugs targeting only cancer cells, to radiation therapy enhancements, to cancer prevention studies for colon cancer, to palliative care interventions, to quality care initiatives improving treatment for cancer patients. Nothing comes easy, and improving cancer treatment always requires a comprehensive approach plus the patience and resources to go through the many steps necessary to develop a new drug or a new treatment for even one of the hundred of diseases called cancer.

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Patient Services:

Patient Supportive Services
Money raised also makes possible patient supportive services that are otherwise unfunded. These programs help ease the path of cancer patients and their families with support groups, massage therapy, transportation assistance, art and writing programs, and much more.

Funding from the Friends for patient and family-centered services is allocated through the Executive Committee and implemented by the Patient Services Coordinator.

Examples of applied funding:

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Nursing Education and Support
Application of philanthropic funds, administered by a committee of oncology nurses and the Executive Committee, expands educational opportunities for nurses and nurtures those who care for our patients.
Continuing Nursing Education Funding support is provided to nurture nurses up the ranks of the oncology nursing specialty through participation in conferences, coursework, and other continuing nursing education initiatives. Increased support will contribute to the continuing advancement of our nursing teams and the expertise they bring to our patients.
Nursing Respite and Recognition With increased philanthropy, the Executive Committee is now able to work with nursing leaders to envision new mechanisms for providing both respite and recognition to oncology nurses-- those who bear the brunt of the emotional impact of cancer care.
The Marilyn K. Bedell Distinguished Lecture in Oncology Nursing This annual lecture focuses on important contemporary issues in oncology nursing.




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