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Fundraising Tips


Runners' participating on behalf of the Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center are encouraged to reach for a fundraising goal. You can make a difference in the fight against cancer. Fundraising is simple. We've broken it down into several easy steps. All you need to do is set a personal goal and then go for it!


Do you have potential donors who would prefer to donate offline? Click here for a printable offline donation form


How to Raise $500 in a week

Day    Details                                                          Total

1       Sponsor yourself for $25                               $25 = $25

2       Ask three family members for $25                 $75 = $100

3       Ask five friends to donate $15                        $75 = $175

4       Ask five co-workers to sponsor you for $10     $50 = $225

5       E-mail 15 people & ask for a $10 donation    $150 = $375

6       Ask your company for a $75 contribution        $75 = $450

7       Ask two businesses you frequent for $25       $50 = $500!!


More Ideas


· Start early. Have fun with your fundraising efforts!

· Set a fundraising goal and let your potential sponsors know what that goal is.

· Don't be afraid to ask! You're not going to dinner with this money - you're working to find a cure for cancer!

· Write a personal letter; create a newsletter or press release; hang up pledge sheets at your office; make in-person solicitations. If you write a letter, include a donation form and a self-addressed stamped return envelope.

· Ask for pledges from family members, friends, people at work, people nearby, people far away, people you do business with.

· Suggest a minimum gift amount or put down options ($100, $50, $25, other).

· Write a personal note of thanks to each of your sponsors. This will go a long way, especially when you approach them next year.

· All donations are tax deductible. The tax ID is 26-4812335.

· If you run in memory or honor of someone, say so—telling a personal story about someone with cancer is a way for people to relate to you and your cause.

· If you run in memory of someone, ask that person's friends and family for pledges.

· Ask your supporters about matching funds from their employers.

· Find out whether your own employer offers matching funds.

· Double your fun: Challenge a friend to run with you and raise her/his own pledges.

· Form a team at work, or with friends. Select a captain, choose a theme, wear matching shirts or hats, make a statement!

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