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World Wish Day® is a celebration more than 30 years in the making: In 1980, one wish inspired the founding of Make-A-Wish® and launched the wish-granting movement that circles the globe today. Around April 29, World Wish Day, Make-A-Wish®South Carolina will celebrate the Wish It Forward campaign, which raises dollars that ensure our mission has the resources to continue to impact the livesof families at a time they need it most.  

Click here to download our information sheet about the 2018 World Wish Day celebration. 



Chris Greicius - The Wish That Inspired Make-A-Wish

The creation of Make-A-Wish was inspired in 1980 by the fulfillment of a wish of a 7-year-old boy with leukemia named Chris Greicius, who wished to be a policeman. His mother, several friends and a group of police officers, with the cooperation of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, granted his wish with a custom-made uniform, helmet, badge, and helicopter ride! The day after the special day, Chris had to be readmitted to the hospital, where he passed away a few days later. After the wish, those involved - including Tommy Austin, U.S. Customs Agent, and Ron Cox, Arizona Department of Public Safety Officer - were inspired and eager to bring that same hope, strength and joy they saw as a result of Chris’ wish, to more children. Their simple idea has led to the continued growth of the world’s largest wish-granting organization, now operating in nearly 50 countries. “ 


“He was only seven years, 269 days old when he died. But he taught me about being a man. Even though he was only a boy. I can tell you that because of meeting Chris, I am an entirely different man. Ron Cox said the same thing. He said he didn’t fear death anymore, because he knew Chris would be there waiting for him.”

— Tommy Austin, Make-A-Wish® co-founder and retired U.S. Customs agent

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