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Walk Run

Volunteer Roles & Descriptions


Welcome to a Walk Run for the Health of our Community. We hope that this document will help answer your questions about our Walk Run. Please don't hesitate to contact Heather at (902) 869-6128 if you have any additional questions.


Team One:  Welcome & Greeting


Please arrive @ 11:15 as participants will be arriving at 11:45
Our welcome team for the day:  TBA, CHCF Volunteers


-     welcome participants/volunteers/media, event day host and emcee and thank them for participating/volunteering
make all participants feel welcome and appreciated
pass out Welcome Sheet and point out the site map and get them orientated to it.
Ensure all waivers on back of pledge sheet are completed
answer questions regarding the site, give participants directions to stations (i.e. Registration)


Team Two:  Parking Attendants


Please arrive @ 11:30 as participants will be arriving at 11:45.
Parking coordinator for the day: TBA


Parking Attendants

-    You will be assigned a lot, at that lot you will be helping direct people where to park.
Ask the driver which lot the parking coordinator told the driver specifically what lot to park in, if it is yours indicate to participants where to park.  Please have them park close together to maximize parking capacity. If it is not your lot please redirect them.
When your lot is full, notify the parking coordinator
Ensure participants know where to enter to register, and direct them to the registration greeter.
-     If you have any questions, or any problems arise then see the parking coordinator.


Team Three:  Volunteer Management


Please arrive @ 10:30 am as volunteers will arrive at 11:00. 
Volunteer Coordinator for the day: TBA, CHCF Volunteer


Volunteer Coordinator

-     Arrange items within the volunteer room
places for jackets
ballot box for volunteer prize
have volunteers sign in upon arrival
ensure volunteers have signed a volunteer waiver and application
Answer any questions volunteers have - Volunteer Spreadsheet on hand so volunteers are aware of positions/duties
-     distribute shirts
report any absences, report issues between volunteers on site
trouble shoot and reassign volunteers if needed



-      Stay in volunteer area in case needed at certain stations
-      Take direction from site manager
Be flexible to fill any station needed
-      pick up the subs from Subway when requested by the event manager


Team Four:  Registration & T-shirt Distribution


Please arrive @ 11:00am as participants will arrive at 12:00 to register 11:45.
The registration and T-shirt team coordinator for the day: TBA, CHCF Staff Member


Registration Coordinator

-     responsible for overseeing the registration process and answering any registration questions
-     Greeting all registration volunteers
-     Ensures they know the role they are playing for the day
-     Makes sure they have signed in at the volunteer room



-     Greet everyone and make them feel welcomed and appreciated.
-     Determine if participants are handing in money. If so, direct them to one of the slow lanes, if not, send them to express lane. Direct participant to lanes only after they are clear. 
-     Be able to answer any questions on where to register.
-    Collect money from participant if they have money to turn in. Do not open the envelope. The total they provide you is the total they are credited with.
Record the pledge envelope total in the appropriate column on the Master Registration sheet.
-    For those who have collected online pledges please ensure that the pledge envelope total does not include their on-line pledges. Their on-line pledges will have already been recorded by the Foundation office staff prior to the day-of and can be found in the On-line Pledges column of the Master Registration sheet.
-    These columns will be calculated for their grand total after registration.
-    When you have completed the registration, please place the participant's pledge envelope in the designated bin behind you. 
Direct the participant to the t-shirt distribution station


T Shirts Distribution

Set up and organize shirts
Once a participant has been registered they will report to your station for a t-shirt ask what shirt size they request, we have medium, large and extra-large available.
Pass the shirt to the participant
-     Ensure after all participants have received their shirts the t-shirts are neatly folded and put away. 



  Know how many ballots participants are to get
  Know which boxes them go in
  Ensure particpants are putting them in the right bin
  Distribute Pins
-     Special staff ballots


Team Five: Food & Beverage (BBQ)


Please arrive @ 1:00 pm as participants BBQing will begin at 1:30 pm and set up is needed.
Food & beverage team coordinator for the day: TBA, Walk Run committee member


Food/Beverage Coordinator

oversee all food & beverage stations
ensure a high level of food safe and preparation is followed. Gloves must be worn in all food preparation
-     troubleshoot all food/beverage issues


Station A - BBQ

cooking of hamburgers
handing hamburgers to people
when handling any food, make sure you are wearing gloves
indicate to participants where condiments & napkins are located
make sure condiments/supplies remain full.
Notify Food/Beverage Supervisor in advance if critical supplies are running low
-     keep area clean and neat


Station B - Sandwiches

Subway subs - inform participants which types of subs are available
WEAR GLOVES - place sub on napkin and hand to participant
indicate to participants where condiments (mustard and mayo) & napkins are located
make sure condiments/supplies remain full, notify Food/Beverage Supervisor in advance if critical supplies are running low
keep area clean and neat 


Team Six:  Water Stops


Please arrive 12:30 am. 
For more information on sponsoring a water stop, please contact Heather at or call (902) 869-6128.


Team Seven:  Stage & Prizing

Stage & Prizing coordinator for the day: TBA CHCF Staff member





Ensure script and prizing are organized for seamless distribution
oversee all prizes, ensuring they are organized and easily accessible
responsible for master list of prizes, documenting who had won what prize
make sure schedule of events stays on time
thank you awards/gifts on hand and organized
-     make sure those speaking are at stage on time




-     distribute prizes as they are awarded
-     assist coordinator in organizing prizes


Thank you for taking the time to consider volunteering for our event, we really appreciate it!

We hope that this document will help answer your questions about our Walk Run. Please don't hesitate to contact Heather at (902) 869-6128 if you have any additional questions.

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