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Fees & Fundraising
Entry fees: (includes a ticket to Fisher Cats game on June 11, 2017)

Before 6/4/17  $30

After 6/4/17  $35

5K Registration for children 12 and under $20

Teams with 4 or more $25 pp
400M Kids race is $12


Individual Fundraising Awards

We have some great Friends items that you could win, just by raising money for cancer patients.  Check out
individual fundraising awards here.




Fundraising Tips

How to Raise $500 in a week

You can make a difference in the fight against cancer by raising money for cancer research and patient services at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center. Fundraising is simple! We've broken it down into several easy steps. All you need to do is set a personal goal and then go for it! Here's one way to look at raising $500 in a week:


Day Details Total
1 Sponsor yourself for $25 $25
2 Ask three family members for $25 ($75) $100
3 Ask five friends to donate $15 ($75) $175
4 Ask five co-workers to sponsor you for $10 ($50) $225
5 Email 15 friends to sponsor you for $10 ($150) $375
6 Ask your company for a $75 contribution ($75) $450
7 Ask two businesses you frequent for $25 ($50) $500!!


More Ideas

• Don't be afraid to ask! You're not going to dinner with this money - you're working to find a cure for cancer!

• Start early. Have fun with your fundraising efforts!

• Set a fundraising goal and let your potential sponsors know what that goal is.

• Write a personal letter; create a newsletter or press release; make in-person solicitations. If you write a letter, include a donation form and a self-addressed stamped return envelope.

• Ask for pledges from family members, friends, people at work, people nearby, people far away, people you do business with.

• Suggest a minimum gift amount or put down options ($100, $50, $25, other).

• Write a personal note of thanks to each of your sponsors. This will go a long way, especially when you approach them next year(!).

• All donations are tax deductible. The tax ID is  26-4812335.

• If you run in memory or honor of someone, say so—telling a personal story about someone with cancer is a way for people to relate to you and your cause.

• If you run in memory of someone, ask that person's friends and family for pledges.

• Ask your supporters about matching funds from their employers.

• Find out whether your own employer offers matching funds.

• Double your fun: Challenge a friend to run with you and raise her/his own pledges.





Mail donations to:

Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center
One Medical Center Drive
Lebanon, NH 03756

Questions? Email: or call (603)703-6955


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