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Every donation matters! Your donation will help The Hometown Foundation in assist to outfit active Connecticut police K-9s with protective and training equipment (GPS collars, bullet proof vests, bite sleeves, etc.), training seminars, and grants for municipalities in need of K-9s. Join us this February 11th -18th in our initiative to support law enforcement.

Whether you’re an individual, business, school or organization, you can help us make a difference!



Any donation helps! Whether you donate $5 or $500, you are giving local law enforcement agencies the opportunity to further safety in their local department.



A restaurant can host “Police K-9 Safety Awareness” night, where a percentage of your sales goes back to the cause.


Businesses/ Organizations

Get creative! Some fun ideas to raise awareness while fundraising can include:

-         Dress Down Day

-         A Donation Collection Box for Employees

-         Blue Jean Friday

-         Match Program

-         Wear “blue” in memory of Thor on a designated day


School Participation

Reach out to your local police department and see if they’ll hold in school demonstrations with a local K-9 officer. If hosting a demonstration, The Hometown Foundation will provide kits for the children attending including Police   K-9 Safety Awareness Stickers and Coloring pages.


For more information or to get involved, contact The Hometown Foundation at 203-250-5661 or

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