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RWFW Coordinators


Michelle Rice

Michelle grew up in Simpsonville where her parents could not keep her inside. She now resides in Greer, South Carolina and has a love for everything outdoors and wild. Her favorite activities include running, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, snow skiing, and scuba diving. Her love of outdoor activities and wanderlust for adventure travel has taken her to some amazing places so far including: 8 National Park half marathons in 2016, trekking in the Mt Everest region and Southern Patagonia, and scuba diving the Galapagos. However, she feels one of her biggest adventures to date was experienced right here in the mountains of South Carolina where she completed a solo 40 mile day hike on her 40th birthday. Michelle has earned a nickname upon her peers as "The Machine"....a title of endearment of which she truly lives up to! In addition to Michelle’s passion for the outdoors and adventure, she has a solid faith-based belief in the Pay it Forward concept. She was very excited to combine these desires by launching the Running Wild For Wishes program and is looking forward to “paying it forward” by leading others to do the same. If asked what single most important trait she believes contributes to succeeding a challenge of any kind, whether goal-setting or fundraising... determination. “I’ve been called stubborn more than just once in my lifetime.” Michelle is also a Make-A-Wish Trailblaze Challenge Alum and Coordinator and a seasoned hike leader. She continues to look forward to being an ever-growing part of Make-A-Wish South Carolina. As she truly looks forward to helping you as one of your Running Wild for Wishes Coordinators and to make even more Wishes come true by us all "Running it Forward"!  Ready...Set...Go!!!


Jody Wilbanks

Jody was born and raised in Central, South Carolina. He spent the majority of his adult life serving as a member of the United States Navy. He served 17 years of his 24 year career overseas and in his own words, “has had a very adventurous and rewarding career serving our great nation.” Jody retired from active duty in September 2010 and found his next calling serving as a member of the South Carolina Park Services. Ultimately he fell in love with the Power of a Wish and now proudly and passionately is a member of the Make-A-Wish team. As an off-duty stress relief he originally found a passion for running a variety of road races to include training for the Disney World® Marathon with the American Leukemia Society and then gradually found himself being pulled toward the multi-discipline facet of triathlons and off-road challenge races. It didn’t take long to discover his overseas locations offered him the rare opportunity to participate in the world of extreme adventure racing and as such he has participated in numerous such events to include his personal favorite, the 24 hour Guam Extreme Adventure Race (G.E.A.R.). Coupled with the need of his specialized military units to maintain the highest physical standards of which he served as the overall physical fitness coordinator and his need to drive his off-duty Adventure Race team members to their highest level of performance, Jody found a personal fascination with the ability to achieve maximum performances utilizing a balance of personal nutrition, hydration and training. Among some of his strongest personal beliefs is the fact that everyone can exceed the boundaries of which the mind has set by this basic balancing act. Jody is a self-proclaimed adventure junkie and is very happy to announce that 2016 was an amazing year of which he logged well over 2000 miles on foot, completed 5 National Park Half-Marathons, completed several "high-altitude" adventures including 18 days in the Everest Region and he is proud to say "The best is yet to come!"  He is extremely motivated by, and dedicated to, this humbling cause and looks forward to helping you make even more amazing Wishes come true as one of your Running Wild for Wishes Coordinators!  


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