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Tips for Successful Fundraising

Make it Personal. If your team is walking in honor or memory of someone affected by lung cancer, share the story when asking for donations. Set up your personalized fundraising page and tell your story!  You can also email your story to the Lung Cancer Initiative and they will post it on the race’s Facebook page!

Set Goals. Have each team member set a personal goal, and then set a team goal. Encourage teammates to reach their goals or surpass them by keeping in touch. It will raise each member’s motivation.

Ask, Ask & Ask Again.  It sounds too simple, but the fact is, the most successful fundraisers are those who ask!  Make a commitment to ask at least one person for a donation today. Remember: you are asking on behalf of others who may not be able to ask for themselves.

Approach local small business owners. Local and national businesses are always looking for ways to promote themselves in the community. Businesses, including your own workplace, may be willing to match funds or help you to promote the cause by hanging flyers, distributing an office-wide email, etc.

Send out Fundraising Letters: These can go to your friends, family members, coworkers and your holiday card list. No need to reinvent the wheel.  There is even a template available on your fundraising platform with room for customization!

Keep people updated! Send out emails and social media post messages telling everyone about how much you have raised and how close you are to your goal!

Follow up! If you send a letter or an e-mail and did not hear a reply, hope is not lost. Everyone gets busy in their everyday lives and a simple phone call or second e-mail may do the trick.

Ask your HR person if your company has a matching gifts program. This can easily double your donation!

Thank Your Donors. Words of thanks are always greatly appreciated from a donor. Thank donors with a personal phone call or note.

Make it Fun! Most importantly, have fun while meeting your goals and know that you are helping a great cause.

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