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2017 Arthritis Bike Classic – Oregon Route

Each year we strive to bring you the best of Oregon, and this year is no exception! We are pleased to bring you the 2017 Arthritis Bike Classic – Oregon.

This year we are taking on a new and exciting adventure, as we make our way through majestic Oregon. 2017 marks a year of change for us, as we have a new route structure that will allow for us to rest our bones in a different way than before. In previous years we have gone from point A to point B each day, and set up camp when we arrive. However, this year we will be spending two nights in each overnight location. This new structure will allow for camp to remain up, or if you are a lodger for you to remain in your hotel room for a second night, enhancing the “camp” experience for participants, honorees and staff alike.

This year’s route will follow mostly along the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway which is the first official Scenic Bikeway in the United States. The mighty Willamette River will be our guide as we go from Eugene, Oregon to Champoeg State Park. We will make our way through wine country, quiet country roads, historic towns, farm and agricultural lands, the foothills of the coastal range and along Northwestern Oregon’s waterways.

Our 2017 adventure will begin 112 miles south of Portland in the college mecca of Eugene Oregon on the banks of the Willamette River. Day one begins in the heart of Oregon Duck country, riding along the banks of Willamette River on the beautifully maintained paths, stretching back and forth across the river on the bicycle and pedestrian friendly bridges spanning the scenic waterways of bike friendly Eugene.

From Eugene we fly west from Duck Country to ride through the Southern Willamette Valley through the historic town of Brownsville. Brownsville was named in honor of Hugh L. Brown who settled in the area and opened the town’s first store. However, you movie buffs might recognize it’s unique collection of 1880’s to 1920’s buildings and homes dating back to the 1850’s, from Stand by Me. Brownsville, Oregon was the setting for the fictional town of Castle Rock, Oregon in Stand by Me. The morning route will offer us some climbing which also means great descents through the foothills on quiet country roads. After our lunch stop in Brownsville we will head towards Beaver Country and the home of Oregon State University. We will make our way out of Brownsville resuming our adventure on the meandering back country roads, to be shared only by the occasional tractor. As you soak in the peaceful scenery you will find yourself riding along a beautiful flat route with views of farm lands, grass expanses, rivers, and produce stands. These country roads will be our beacon towards our home for the middle of our journey in Corvallis, Oregon at our quiet campground complete with an outdoor heated pool, and just off the bike route.

With Beaver country being in the heart of the Willamette Valley we will find ourselves surrounded by the natural beauty of Wine Enthusiasts Wine Region of the Year. Our time here will be spent among the grapes and the vines, exploring wineries and wines. Along bike paths and river roads we will soak the fall air, the wildlife refuges and the quiet peaceful roads.

We wrap up the 2017 ride in a familiar place to those of us who joined us in 2016. We will cap the week returning to Champoeg State Park for nights five and six before we return to Portland. Our journey from Corvallis to Champoeg will be sure to delight as we pass through more historic and quaint towns, hop farms, wineries, and Oregon’s agricultural lands. This is a great, mostly flat day, meant for meandering and enjoying the sites.

Our final day on the bike will have us riding through wine country on our way to loop around Henry Hagg Lake. Henry Hagg Lake sits nestled at the base of the coastal mountain range. Located just 25 miles southwest of Portland, “Hagg Lake” as it is affectionately known among the locals is home to more than 13 miles of hiking/mt. biking trails. Surrounded by mountains and forests, this secluded lake transports you to another space and time. Dotted with trails, creeks, beaches, picnic areas and year round fishing this special lake has something for everyone. Cycling on this days route offers some climbing and wide should that is well marked for cyclists.

As we find ourselves again nestled against the banks of the Willamette River, in Champoeg State Park we will prepare to breathe it all in and say our goodbyes under the stars. Our week will wrap up in style with a fabulous rider celebration with dinner, music, dancing, and merriment before we close this chapter of the Arthritis Bike Classic – Oregon and commit to our annual journey together next year!
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