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Rider Testimonials:

“I ride because it’s the greatest example of body, mind and spirit… The physical preparation and training challenges my body; The focus and creativity to meet my fundraising goal challenges my mind; But what keeps me coming back is the majestic beauty of the coast, the comradery of other like-hearted people and most importantly, having a positive impact on others in need and being part of something much bigger than myself are the intangible gifts that renew my spirit.”

Veteran Rider


“Why do I ride? I get really inspired by the core group of riders that are truly inspired and motivated by a family member (frequently a child) that has been so affected by arthritis. Yet their optimism and determination are manifested by their sunny personalities and fun loving nature.
The ride becomes a happy band of kindred souls. I have made lots of great friends and we keep in touch. And I find it unbelievable how strong some of the riders with RA ride. It is a demonstration of the human spirit and their determination. Amazing!”

Veteran Rider



“I can talk for hours about every aspect of the CCC: riding along the California coastline, challenging climbs which leave you with just enough breath to be taken later by the views, crazy fun and fast downhills! But the people, they are what make this ride truly and absolutely the experience of a lifetime - by the end of 8 days you become lifelong friends. And if all that is not enough, you are riding for a cause much bigger than yourself, the opportunity to support the fight against arthritis.”

Veteran Rider



“Once my daughter was diagnosed with JIA, I knew I had to do something so I jumped right in. My experience was incredible!
From the fellow riders who took me under their wings, the staff, beautiful California scenery, and ride support crew, everything was amazing! Staff and riders really took the time to get to know you and your story. Each rider has a different connection to arthritis and as part of this ride, we were riding with a purpose. The connection to this important cause made the journey down the coast much more meaningful.”

First-year Rider







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