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All Trails Challenge FAQs

Q: When does the All Trails Challenge begin and end?

A: It begins on August 12 for current Friends of the Wissahickon members and August 20 for non-members. It ends on November 29.


Q: How can I get a map of the park?

A: Anyone who raises $50 or more receives a Friends of the Wissahickon membership and a map.


Q: How can I log my miles if I don’t have an app on my phone?

A: Use our tracking log (LINK TO LOG) to map your journey. Fill it out and bring into Friends of the Wissahickon offices.


Q: What if I finish the 50 miles before the challenge is over?

A: Keep going! The more miles you log, the more money you can raise for the Wissahickon and the more chances you have to win!


Q: If I ride my horse or ride my bike, how do I complete the All Trails Challenge?

A: A portion of the trails are only open to hikers. You can ride your bike or horse on the trails where riding is permitted and then you would need to complete the full challenge by hiking or walking on the rest of the trails.


Q: When will the prizewinners be announced?

A: We will announce all prizewinners on December 1, 2016.


Q: Can I hike in Carpenter’s Woods, Cresheim Woods and Andorra and have that mileage count for the All Trails Challenge?

A: Yes! Just log your miles.


Q: Will Friends of the Wissahickon host guided hikes during the All Trails Challenge?

A: Yes—we will host a number of hikes throughout the challenge. See all of our hikes at


Q:  Can I still get the individual prizes if I am a part of a team challenge?

Yes - we will still honor your personal miles and fundraising goals.  Keep going!!  

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