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Six Tips to Help You Achieve Your Fundraising Goal

Tip #1: Take advantage of online fundraising tools

Once you register as a participant, a personal fundraising page is automatically generated for you. We encourage everyone to visit their "My HQ" center as soon as registration is complete and personalize this page. You can set your fundraising goal, upload pictures, and tell your story all in one place. Once your page is complete, you can send out emails to all of your contacts inviting them to join or donate to Emory Brain Health Center.

Tip #2: Create a personal fundraising email

While we have provided you with easy to use email templates inside your Participant HQ, feel free to edit this template or create your own! A personalized appeal to friends and family can really go a long way. It's important to share your story about your connection with the cause and Emory Brain Health Center. Remember, to fully maximize your fundraising efforts, reach out to not only friends and family members, but also co-workers, neighbors, club members, and local businesses.

Tip #3: Double your money with matching gifts

Many companies have matching gift programs that can double and sometimes triple donations. Click here to find out if your employer has a matching gift program and be sure to encourage your donors and team members to do the same.

Tip #4: Think outside the box — be creative!
While there are some great tried-and-true fundraising tools, creative fundraising efforts will find new supporters for you and make it fun for them.
TIP #5: Post and tweet

Inside your Participant HQ you have the ability to easily post your personal fundraising page link to your Facebook wall or on your Twitter feed. Shout out to your friends and followers, invite them to sign up, and/or support your fundraising efforts.

Tip #6: Don't be afraid to follow up!

Sending out one email may not be enough to motivate all of your contacts to support your efforts. As we all know, most people are very busy, and your initial request may have gotten lost in the shuffle of their lives. Sending out a reminder or update on your efforts is a great way to keep your friends and family that you still need their support involved and motivate them to take action. Let them know how much you have already raised and how far you have to go to hit your goal, and then ask for a donation to help you complete your mission.

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