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Anyone can start a team. Click on Registration, sign the waiver and then choose Start a Team. Teammates can then join your team when they register on-line.

Combine the team's individual commitments for team total. For example, if you have 4 team members participating, the team must raise a total of $20,000 ($5,000 x 4 people). Each rider may end up raising more or less as long as the team total equals the number of members times $5,000.



Combine team’s individual commitments for team total
A fundraising page will be automatically created for each rider
Riders are automatically linked to their team's fundraising page
CORPORATE MATCHING programs maximize your team's goals



Already registered and now you want to either JOIN a Team or START a new one ?


No problem!


1. Go to My HQ and then choose Enter My HQ and login
2. Under My To Do List on the right hand side, choose Edit my Profile 
3. Scroll down to Event Information and choose Join team from drop down box OR choose I want to start my own team


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