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Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the money I raise will go to research and care?

All of it. 100 percent of funds you raise through your Personal Giving Page will support research and patient care programs at Emory Healthcare.

Are Personal Giving Page donations secure?

Yes. We use a very secure system to process all the gifts we receive online.

I’ve never made a webpage before. Is it difficult?

Creating your Personal Giving Page is fast, easy, and fun. We’ve done all the design. You write what you want to say, add the photos you want, and we’ll take it from there.

Can I personalize my Personal Giving Page, or update it after I’ve created it?

Absolutely! Your Personal Giving Page is for telling your story. You can add personal photos, write what you want, and change or update it as often as you want. Click on “Edit my Site” on the Personal Giving Pages login page and that will take you where you want to go.

How can people find my Personal Giving Page?

Your page will have a unique web address (URL) that you can send to family and friends or post on other websites. People can also go to the Personal Giving Page homepage and find your page by clicking on the “Donate to Individual” link in the sidebar and entering your name in the search box.

Can I change my username or password? What if I’ve forgotten them?

Go to the Personal Giving Pages homepage and click on Main Login in the left sidebar. Click on the “Forgot Username and/or Password?” link at the bottom of the login box.

How do I send out emails through my Personal Giving Page?

From the Personal Giving Pages homepage, click on “Email my Friends” in the left sidebar.

How can I see who has given a gift through my page?

From the Personal Giving Pages homepage, click on “Check Reports” in the left sidebar.

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