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Virtual FAQ

What is Run for Her®?

For 10 years, Run for Her® events have been raising funds for the Cedars-Sinai Women’s Cancer Program at the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute. Find out how the funds raised are being used in the fight to end cancer as a threat to women. In 2015,  Run for Her will be an entirely virtual event, extending our reach around the globe.

Why aren’t we having an in-person event in Pan Pacific Park?

With your support over the past 10 years, we’ve grown Run for Her into a large event. You’ve helped us make it so successful that we’ve outgrown our venue. While we consider options for another in-person event for 2016, our fight against ovarian cancer continues this year.

What is a “virtual” event?

A virtual event shifts the participant experience online, allowing for local action and global connection. The Run for Her website and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram become the event venue. Participants can create teams, fundraise and spread awareness. On event day, you will have many opportunities to connect in the virtual realm, as well as take action in your community.

How do I connect virtually?

After you have registered as a participant, join the Run for Her Facebook group and subscribe to the Run for Her Twitter feed. Leading up to the event, you will hear about how ovarian cancer has impacted the lives of people around the country, and you will have a chance to share your story – your most powerful tool in the fight against this disease. You will also hear the latest news from the research world and learn about medical advances that may one day revolutionize how cancer is treated.

What steps can I take?

There are many steps – literal and virtual – that you can take to bring us closer to eliminating this disease. After creating your personal fundraising page, you can utilize the tips and templates provided in your HQ to reach out to family and friends to raise support and awareness. And on Nov. 15, you can step outside to walk or run toward the personal goal of your choosing.

How do I take action in my community?

The easiest way is to schedule a personal awareness walk or run for Nov. 15. This can be a solo, reflective run/walk, or a gathering of friends and family. Set a goal that is meaningful to you. For example, if you are participating in support of your sister who is 42, you might decide to walk 4.2 miles, or run for 42 minutes. Then on Nov. 15, don your Run for Her T-shirt and head out to reach your goal. Along the way, snap a quick picture or two and post to Facebook and Twitter using #RunforHer.

Will I still get a T-Shirt?

Yes! Your Run for Her T-Shirt is a key tool for raising awareness. All participants registered by Oct. 25 are guaranteed to receive a T-shirt in time for Nov. 15. If you register after Oct. 25, you will still receive a T-Shirt, though delivery date is subject to the U.S. Post Office delivery schedule.

How do I explain a virtual event to my family and friends?

Don’t worry, we have templates and suggested wording that will help you to communicate why it is so important for the event to go global and virtual this year.

I am a past participant and I enjoyed going to an actual event. Will a virtual event still feel as empowering?

We know that coming together in Pan Pacific Park has been both inspiring and fun for all of us.However, the Run for Her has outgrown this venue. Meanwhile, with the success of last year’s popular “ice bucket challenge,” we are keenly aware of how much impact and awareness can be created via social media.

Anyone, anywhere, can participate in this virtual Run for Her event regardless of schedule, location or fitness level. And the more participants in our virtual community, the more awareness we will raise about ovarian cancer.

While Run for Her is going global, it remains a very personal opportunity to connect with others in the fight against ovarian cancer, and there will be opportunities to share your story and learn from others.

Each step walked, dollar raised, and woman educated over the last 10 years is a vital step forward in the fight against ovarian cancer. We thank you for your support!

Participating in a virtual Run for Her event seems similar to being a Run for Her Sleepwalker. What’s the difference?

The Run for Her Sleepwalker program has been a huge success because it has allowed participants anywhere across the globe to participate in race day without being present in Los Angeles. The virtual Run for Her event this year is similar to the Sleepwalkers activity, which is essentially on hold this year. We are building off the Sleepwalkers success with an entirely virtual event for 2015, allowing more participants around the globe to raise vital awareness of ovarian cancer and research funds over several months, not just one day. We’re also equipping virtual participants with even more tools, tips and fundraising strategies to bring in more dollars and awareness for ovarian cancer.

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