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Fundraising Tips

Start Today!

June is right around the corner, so make your first ask today and get the momentum going

Put Some Time into your Fundraising Page

You are asking your friends and family to support you in your race for Ronald McDonald House – let people know why you are racing and running! They will love the personal touch and your story.

Set your Goal and Keep Track

Write down your goal and how you want to get there and keep track to see how much progress you are making.

Make a List of People to Ask

You know more people than you think! Write down names of friends, family, teachers, people you work or volunteer with and start asking

Just Ask

- Asking for money can be nerve wracking. Remember you’re not asking for yourself; this is money to keep families together and the easiest way to reach your goal is just to ask. If you don’t ask the answer is always “no

- You don’t have to ask for much – small donations add up too. Ask for $5 (the same as a coffee) many people won’t think twice!

Be Social

- Let people know you are racing! Put up a Facebook cover page or send out an Instagram post or tweet with our premade images to let people know how to donate to you. The online page is very easy and it just takes a couple click to get people to donate. Just let them know your team name and you could have donations right away!

- Tweet out or update your status to let people know as the event day approaches. Share pictures of your costume for race day and let people know they can still donate!

- Make a video and share it – you may just get donations from people you’ve never met.

- Use the hashtag #rmhbcAJ

Don’t be afraid to follow up

People are busy and things get forgotten – if you haven’t heard from someone don’t be afraid to remind them about the race! Maybe they will put you over top of your goal!

Say “thank you”

Donating is a wonderful thing – let your supporters know you think so! Give them a quick call if you see an online donation. They will be over the moon and happy to help next year, too.

Fun Ways to Raise Money


Asking your friends and family, schoolmates and co-workers for donations is a great first step but there are plenty of other ways to get to your goal and some of them will get you there quicker.

Organize your own Fundraiser

Host a movie night, a backyard BBQ, pancake breakfast –anything you can think of – and invite people to attend by donation. Use the opportunity to let people know why you are raising money: whether you give a short speech or tell everyone individually, they will be excited to help you.

Ask for Donations Instead of Birthday Gifts

Have everything you need? Let people know that you’d like to celebrate by helping out and direct them to your on-line page.

Sell Something Delicious

Ask your teacher or boss if you can sell Krispy Kreme donuts or your home-made chocolate sauce to raise money. Fundraising and sugar is a great combination!

Help Out for a Good Cause

Help out your friends and family: offer to mow the lawn or help with household chores in exchange for donations.

Set a Big Goal and do Something Wacky

Set a big goal and tell people you will do something out of the ordinary if you get there and then actually do it! Do the polar bear swim, shave your head, do the race in your pajamas, wear a costume to school or work, it could be anything!

Get Other Teams Involved

The more the merrier! Encourage your friends to sign up and share in all the fun.
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