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You have many relationships in your life, from family and friends to co-workers. If you don?t ask them to support you in your fundraising efforts, they won?t. So, use these steps to reach out to everyone in your life. More money raised means more wishes granted.

1. Show your commitment to Make-A-Wish and donate $50 to yourself to get your fundraising kick-started—$50

2. Ask two family members for $25 each. They probably owe you the money anyway —$100

3. Ask a business you frequent to donate $50. Dry cleaners, hair dressers, dentists, and the local coffee shop are great places to start—$150

4. Ask five co-workers to donate $20 each. If you have a matching gifts program through your employer, those donations could be doubled— $250

5. Ask your boss for a company contribution of $100—$350

6. Ask three people you know from your extracurricular sports team, your child?s school, or your place of worship to donate $10 each—$380

7. Ask three friends to donate $20 each. You can send them an email from your participant center so that they can donate right online—$440

8. Ask someone who has asked you to support their cause for $25—$465

9. Use Facebook to fundraise and ask someone to donate $35—$500

10. Don?t stop there! If you reach your goal, take it up to the next level!
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