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     How To Start Your Own Walk     

Find A Place To Walk

Items to consider when you are picking a place to walk:

Is there any cost to use the location?

Are there restrooms or do you need to rent a port-a-john?

Who will do the set-up? Will you need volunteers for set-up or will the facility set up for a fee? Set-up items may include: tables, easels, water stations, signage, etc.

Will you include vendor and/or gluten-free samples?  (The CFCR can help with this)

Who will provide utensils, coffee, napkins, tablecloths, garbage cans, and garbage bags?

What will be the distance of the walk? What is the terrain like (hilly, woodchip, pavement, etc)? We have chosen not to set a required distance because it eliminated perspective walkers.

What time is the facility available?

Is there a sheltered area in case of inclement weather?

Develop A Registration Flyer And Pledge Sheet

Have someone collect flyers from walks in which they have participated. The CFCR can send you a copy of the registration and pledge form we use.  Note: IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE PARTICIPANTS SIGN THE DISCLAIMER BEFORE THEY BEGIN.

It is most convenient to have people pre-registered. We encourage people to use online registration or mail their registrations well in advance of the event.

Will you accept walk-in-registrations the day of the walk? We allow this, but add an additional charge to register the day of the walk.

Send the registration flyer and pledge sheet out as soon as possible. Keep in touch with your group by email.

Do you want people to bring their pledges/donations on the day of the walk or mail them in prior to the walk? We do both. We emphasize that all money must be turned in by the day of the walk.

Are pledges by the mile or a flat fee? We highly encourage our walkers to get a flat fee and to collect the money prior to the walk.

National And Local Sponsors

The Center for Celiac Research will contact the national sponsors.

Local sponsors may be utilized to finance the cost of your walk plus some. This will require hard and persistent work. We suggest developing a committee to tackle this. We contact local companies, physicians, restaurants, health food stores, and hospitals. Pursue any and all resources/contacts your group can identify.

Generate a letter requesting a sponsor donation from sponsors. We print the local sponsor names on the walk T-shirt provided they donate a pre-determined amount.

The Center for Celiac Research will take care of all T-shirt orders.  This will include printing of the national and local sponsors on the T-shirts. Please email about your specific orders.

Other Areas To Consider

Do you want to have a raffle and/or silent auction the day of the walk?

Water stations may be needed along the course of the walk, depending on the length and terrain of the course, as well as the weather. It may be appropriate to offer water only at the beginning of the walk.

Suggested Committees:

Registration table

Information table

Set-up committee

Clean-up committee

Thank you note committee - to compose and mail correspondences to sponsors and families who donated their time and/or money.

Media/Marketing committee

Monies Raised From The Walk/Run

75% of the money raised is sent to the Center for Celiac Research for celiac disease research and 25% may be kept by the group for local awareness initiatives.  The CFCR will have all T-shirts printed and shipped; assist with vendors/samples; and help in any other manner needed.


Do you need liability insurance? K&K Insurance ( or 1-800-637-4757) has good prices on special event insurance and can provide insurance to groups across the U.S.

Please contact Pam King. Director of Development, at

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