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Team Leaders are a very important part of a successful Jersey Cares Day. Please read the information below to learn more about the role of a Team Leader and how you can make an even bigger impact on Jersey Cares Day.

Why do we need Team Leaders? 
Team Leaders play a critical role in the success of Jersey Cares Day by increasing our capacity to recruit and 
manage the hundreds of volunteers who will participate in the day. Team Leaders recruit a team of volunteers, keep them updated and excited about the day and motivate them to raise money to support Jersey Cares year round programming span.  

Who can be a Team Leader?
Anyone can!  If you can recruit a group to volunteer with you on Saturday, May 3rd and are willing to spend a few extra hours coordinating your team both leading up to the event and on the day, then you've got what it takes to be a great Team Leader.

What do Team Leaders do?
Team Leaders are motivators and managers, both on Jersey Cares Day and in the days leading up to the event. Before Jersey Cares Day, Team Leaders pick their team's project site, recruit volunteers to join their team, keep team members informed and excited about the event, and motivate them to raise pledge money to support their volunteerism.

On the morning of Jersey Cares Day, Team Leaders visit the Registration table at their project site to get all materials, gather their team for photos and make sure everyone from their team has arrived.

Team Leaders are also the primary liaison between volunteers and the Site Captain. A Site Captain is also a Jersey Cares volunteer who will be the main contact at the site.  We count on Team Leaders to help get volunteers started on the projects and to manage the progress throughout the day. Team Leaders delegate tasks, troubleshoot, confirm next steps with the Site Captain, and cheer on volunteers when their energy begins to wane.

What support is Jersey Cares able to offer Team Leaders?
Being a Team Leader may seem like a big job and it is. But not to worry, Jersey Cares' experienced staff is there every step of the way and will give you all the help you need to ensure that you and your team have a successful, fun and rewarding experience.

How do I register to be a Team Leader?

  • Go to the event homepage at www.jerseycaresday.org
  • Click "Register Now"
  • Read the Waiver/Agreement, then click "I Agree"
  • Select "Start A Team"
  • Complete the online registration form.
  • Click "Continue" once the form is completed. A confirmation screen will appear and a confirmation e-mail will also be sent to you. 

How do people join my team once I've registered?
Once you've formed your team, individuals will register themselves online by simply following the steps above, but selecting "Join a Team" instead of "Start a Team," then choosing your team name from the drop down menu. Once registration is complete, the volunteer will receive a confirmation e-mail. An e-mail will also be sent to you, letting you know that someone has joined your team.    

Are Team Leaders responsible for organizing or leading the team's project on Jersey Cares Day?
No, Jersey Cares plans all projects and provides the necessary supplies for the projects on Jersey Cares Day. On the day of the event, each site's Site Captain will assign project(s) to your team. However, Team Leaders do assist in getting the volunteers started on their projects at the beginning of the day and manage their progress. Team Leaders may delegate tasks, troubleshoot, confirm next steps with the Site Captain, and cheer on volunteers when their energy begins to wane.

What if a volunteer signs up for the wrong team or wants to switch teams?
He or she should send an e-mail to jerseycaresday@jerseycares.org and include the following information:

  • Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Number
  • The team they are currently on
  • The name of the team they wish to be switched to

What responsibilities do Team Leaders have?

  • Register your team by April 25th.  
  • Start recruiting your team members! Encourage family members, friends and coworkers (ages 10 and over) to join your team by registering on our website.
  • Raise pledges and support your team in their fundraising initiatives. 
  • Ensure all team members have registered.
  • Fax waiver forms (973.424.1254) for any youth ages 10 to 17 volunteering with your team by April 25th.
  • Meet your team in the morning at your project site and register.
  • Help start your team on their projects at the site.
  • Delegate tasks and oversee the smooth running of project assignments with the Site Captain.
  • Work with the Site Captain (the person responsible for managing the site).
  • Motivate your team members.
  • Have fun!!!

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