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Event FAQs


We hope to answer all of your questions right here. If you're looking for registration and fundraising information, please click here.



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Climbing Details


How many flights of stairs does 4 World Trade Center have?
72. (That's 1,632 steps!)


Do I have to climb all the way to the 72nd Floor in order to participate in Runyon Up?
No. There are three participation options to choose from when registering:

  • Full Climb - Climb to the 72nd Floor
  • Partial Climb - Climb to the 54th Floor
  • Virtual Climb - Take the Elevator or Climb from a Distance
Please click here for details on each participation option.



How long does Runyon Up take?
This depends on how many floors you climb, and on your fitness level, speed and amount of time spent at rest areas. Elite climbers may finish the 72-story climb in less than 15 minutes, while the average participant will take about 25-40 minutes to finish.


Is this a timed climb?
Yes. ChronoTrack B-Tags will be attached to the back of your bib number and will record your finish time. The B-Tags should remain affixed to the back of the bib. In order to receive an accurate time, please make sure your bib is clearly visible on the FRONT of the torso. Do not fold or wrinkle your race bib or you risk breaking the timing chip. Make sure your bib is pinned in all four corners so the timing chip stays flat. Official results will be posted on the Runyon Up website within two days after the event. Please be patient. [Please note this answer has changed since it was originally posted.]


Can climbers stop on a landing to catch their breath?
Yes, but be aware that other climbers are coming up behind you, and you should try to stay out of their way. Slower climbers should stay to the right, allowing faster climbers to pass on the left.


I might get tired and be unable to finish, what should I do?
No problem, just find a volunteer or staff member who can escort you to the nearest rest area and direct you to an elevator.


What is an "elite" climber?
An elite climber is a competitive stair climber who routinely participates in stair climb events and can run up the stairs, completing the climb in a very fast time. Most participants are NOT elite climbers. The average Runyon Up participant will climb at a moderate pace and consider a 54 or 72-story climb to be a bit more strenuous than their typical gym workout.


What is a "virtual" climber?
A virtual climber is a participant who wants to support cancer research but can't be there on event day or isn't up for climbing stairs to the 54th or 72nd Floor. Virtual climbers will register online, pay the $40 entry fee, and meet the $72 fundraising minimum just like actual climbers.


Can virtual climbers attend the event?
Yes! Virtual climbers are welcome to attend the post-climb party on the 54th Floor between 6:30pm-8:30pm. Virtual climbers should enter from Greenwich Street, and will be escorted to the elevator to the 54th Floor.


I'm planning to climb to the 72nd Floor, how will I get to the post-climb party on the 54th Floor?
Once you've had a chance to catch your breath and hydrate after crossing the 72nd Floor finish line, you will be directed to an elevator to the 54th Floor.




Start Times and Heat Assignments


Why am I being assigned a start time?
Climbers' start times must be staggered, with elite climbers starting first, in order to avoid congestion and ensure everyone's safety in the stairwells.


When will I receive my start time?
Start times will be posted on the Runyon Up website the week of the event. Every effort will be made to schedule your start time during the preferred start time window you indicate when you register, but we cannot make any guarantees. Assignments will be based on the date you register, so the sooner you sign up, the more likely you are to get your preferred start time!


How many people will be assigned to each heat and how often will heats be launched?
Participants will be launched in heats of approximately 80 people every 10 minutes, with climbers starting in 7-second intervals.


I want to climb with my team, family or a group of friends, but some of us are climbing to the 54th Floor while others are climbing to the 72nd Floor. Will we be able to start the climb together?
Yes, but you must be part of a team in order to be assigned the same start time. Please try to confirm your group's preferred start time window prior to registering.


Are team members assigned the same start times?
Yes, team members will be assigned the same start time UNLESS a team member indicates that he or she is an elite climber while the rest of the team is not. All elite climbers will be assigned to the first heat starting at 6:30pm.


Can I change my start time?
We will make every effort to schedule your start time during the preferred start time window you indicate when you register, but times will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Please email if you have any questions.




Event Day Information


What time should I arrive at 4 World Trade Center?
Please plan to arrive at 4 World Trade Center (150 Greenwich Street) 30 minutes prior to your assigned start time.


How do I get to 4 World Trade Center?
Public transportation is recommended. 4 World Trade Center is located at 150 Greenwich Street in lower Manhattan and is easily accessible by many subway lines. For point-to-point directions and updated service advisories, please visit


Where should I enter 4 World Trade Center upon arrival?
All climbers should enter the building from Greenwich Street. [Please note this answer has changed since it was originally posted.]


Is there a bag check area provided?
Bag check will be available for limited personal items and will be organized by bib number. Please do not bring valuables with you to the event. Drop-off and pick-up will be in the lobby for all participants. [Please note this answer has changed since it was originally posted.]


Are cameras allowed at Runyon Up?
For safety and security reasons, photography and video recording will not be permitted in the stairwell. Climbers may take photographs on the 54th and 72nd Floors.

Will there be water stations along the climb?
Yes. There will be six water stops along the route, and at the start and finish lines.


How many rest stops will there be along the 72-story climb?
There will be two rest areas with full water stations and accessible restrooms on the 44th and 60th Floors.


Will there be medical personnel?
Yes, there will be emergency crews on site. In case of emergency, volunteers in the stairwell can assist you, and will be able to communicate with emergency personnel.


Can my friends and family wait for me at the finish line on the 54th or 72nd Floor?
No. Due to space limitations, no spectators are allowed at the finish line. Your friends or family members can participate as virtual climbers if they would like to meet you on the 54th Floor. (Please note the same entry fee and fundraising minimum applies to virtual climbers.)


Will I receive an event t-shirt?
Yes. All participants in Runyon Up will receive an event t-shirt and finisher's medal on event day. Please note that your bib number will include a tear-off tag that says T-SHIRT. Please present that tag to a volunteer at the designated table on the 54th Floor to receive your t-shirt.




Please email for answers to any questions not addressed on the website. We will continue to update event details so please check back!

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