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$200.00 will provide a breast cancer patient in need from your area with FREE elastic medical supplies for Lymphedema, a result from swelling after lymph node removal and mastectomy. Products like Lymphedema sleeves, elastic gloves, and body compression bras can save lives from this toxic fluid that gathers due to lymph node removal.


$500.00 will provide 3 people, who cannot afford a mammogram screening, with a needed mammogram. Insurance guidelines often will not pay for necessary mammogram screening for people under the age of 40. Mammograms save lives!


In addition, BCSN needs donations for:


$1,000 will pay for 20 volunteers to be trained and certified to facilitate/educate a monthly support group in your community each month to reach out and support newly diagnosed patients.


$300.00 will provide educational materials and essential breast cancer information for 100 young adults to help save lives.


$40.00 will provide postage and handling for FREE medical supplies from ourHope Closets” to 4 breast cancer patients in need.


$30.00 will provide needed early detection educational materials for 30 community Health Fair attendees.


$20.00 will help provide transportation to tests and treatments for a patient that has no transportation, funds or no other resources.


$5.00 will help provide postage for mailing to one under-served patient in need of a FREE wig or hand made turban after her first treatment of chemotherapy.


$1.00 will send a special hand-made card (by volunteers) of encouragement to a newly diagnosed patient that has just called for help because she thinks she is going to die of breast cancer and leave her children without a mother.






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