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Richard Holland and his son will be completing an Ironman Race on Oct. 18, 2014 to honor their wife and mother, Halle, who died from ovarian cancer in August, 2013. This is the letter they shared with loved ones to raise support for the cause. See the Heaven in Our Midst page here.




April 4, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

                The support and kindness we have received from you during this year of our greatest distress is more than we could ever have imagined.  Your prayers, hugs, kind words, and remembrances of Halle have kept us buoyed through our lowest moments.  For this and all that you have done, we are so grateful.

                Halle’s absence is always present in our lives, yet we always feel her presence.  We are sad to be without her yet grateful to have been part of her life.  Her example and advice continue to propel us forward and we are living now to honor her every day in every way we can.

                To this end, Rich and Gray have signed up to participate in The Great Floridian Ironman Race in Clermont, Florida, October 18.  It will be a race of endurance and a race of remembrance and we are using it as a fund-raiser to support the Foundation for Women’s Cancers.  We want to do our part to support research, education, and awareness for women affected by these “below the belt” diseases.  We are doing this in memory of Halle and for all women affected by these diseases. 

We know what Halle’s response to doing an Ironman would be:  “Are you crazy?”  And we know what her response would be to doing it for her.  She would say, “Don’t do it for me, but yes, do it for our daughters and granddaughters.”  And so we will.

                Training has begun and will last through the hot summer months all the way to October 18.  When the training gets hard, we have great motivation to endure and persist. 

                If you would like to support us with our fund-raising we would be most grateful.  The easiest and best way to do this is to make a donation on-line at   Select “Support a Participant”, then search for Richard Holland, and you will find our donation page.  It is our intention to match cumulative donations, up to $50,000.00, to help prevent and eradicate these diseases.  Your contribution will honor Halle and help us achieve our dream of a future without below the belt cancers. 

                                                                                Gratefully yours,

                                                                                Rich, Aleah, and Gray



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