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By Andrea Barnes

We’ve put together some really simple tips that we’ve identified as some of the best practices in helping MORE friends raise more money for our children and families in Brazil.

Before we get into the details though, here’s little background information.

What Happens When You Register: When you register for World Day of Giving, we generate your personal fundraising page for you, complete with a few words that introduce your visitors to what MORE Project is and the kids that your fundraising benefits. Because there are so many people who support the MORE Project we had to be extremely general in the default text. On top of that, it’s us talking -- it’s not just you talking. Your friends and your family members know your voice both in its written and spoken forms and the personalization will benefit your efforts. 

So what we’re asking you to do is essentially tear out some of the stuff we put on your default page and make it your own.  Heck, if you're feeling chatty, your World Day of Giving page can be re-written from the ground up. Delete everything on there if you want, you’re not going to break anything. Then, using this guide put it back together as a more personal reflection of you, your personality and what your World Day of Giving efforts will look like.

Here we go! 


Start with a picture – Nothing says “you” to prospective donors more than a picture of you. Having your picture nice and big at the top of your page is more inviting to a friend or family member than our logo or a picture they aren’t familiar with. 

This is your greeting and your first impression. Maybe even get a friend who takes great pictures to help you. A good photo can really set off a page.

STEP TWO - THINK about your Goal

By default, MORE Project World Day of Giving fundraising goals are set at $100 but since you’re taking the time to read this, you’re obviously no default MORE Project supporter. Your fundraising goal needs to mean something to you personally if helping you to meet that goal is ever going to matter to your donors.

When I set my goals I like to think about what is meaningful to me. It could be $865 because I have been associated with MonaVie and the MORE Project for 865 days. Think of what number works for you and what compelling story you can tell because of that number. I heard of a man supporting a health cause who set his goal to raise $5,415, or five dollars for each and every day that his friend fought leukemia. It was an ambitious goal and one that made him very very nervous but it meant something to me, and as it turns out that meant something to his donors, who stepped up HUGE and made gifts that ended up nearly doubling his goal.

A good goal is going to help shape your entire World Day of Giving campaign and it’s going to give you more interesting things to talk about when you are making your appeal to your donors. Finally, I can promise you that reaching this more personal goal will feel more gratifying to you and your donors. 

STEP THREE - Your Story

Now that you’ve decided on your fundraising it’s time to explain it to people. Your donation appeal should be as simply worded as possible. You don’t have to explain everything about the World Day of Giving Program. Just explain who you are, what you’re doing to raise money, and that all of that money you raise is going to help kids in desperate need of love, support and opportunity in Brazil. You might want to explain your fundraising goal and tell your donors how much you’d appreciate their help in reaching that goal.

If you have a personal story or narrative involving your experience with the MORE Project, or one you think is important for people to understand, you can mention that here as well. Feel free to delete all the default text and make this World Day of Giving plea. 

STEP FOUR - Video Blog Your MORE Project Campaign

Some of the most successful social fundraisers share one common approach. They share their reason for being involved in the form of a personal video.  Look back at your personal narrative, prepare a few words, look right into your cell phone camera, hit record, and open up your heart. Tell your visitors why you are raising money to support our kids. 

We all have a story. We all have a reason for appreciating the MORE Project and MonaVie’s commitment to making a difference in Brazil, the source of the key ingredients in MonaVie products. Whatever your reason for participating, share it with your potential donors in a simple video appeal. You don’t need the best lighting or fancy audio here. What matters most is that you’re genuinely sharing your story, your feelings, and your mission with your donors. 

You can upload your video to any popular video service like YouTube or Vimeo, and then share that video on your MORE World Day of Giving page and on your social media sites as well.  If you have time, consider updating your video regularly as you get closer November 30, tracking your progress and sharing your excitement about the people that have donated to your campaign.


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