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2014 WNFAS - FAQs: Milwaukee
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to send in my donations? Can I bring them with me to the walk?
While you can always bring your donations to the walk, it is preferable that you mail them in as soon as you can to:

     Autism Speaks 
     Walk Donations Department
     1060 State Road, 2nd Floor
     Princeton, NJ 08540
Please have them submit the corresponding donation forms with their checks so you will be credited for your fundraising efforts.


What if people want to give me cash?
It is safest and best for record-keeping that you convert all cash received to checks or money orders. If you are able, the safest option is to send a personal check covering the full amount, along with the corresponding donation forms, to Autism Speaks.  We will be able to credit your friends and family for their generosity.  If this is not possible, you can also always bring the cash donations and appropriate donation forms to the walk.

What if my donors don't want to donate online?
You can always have your donors mail their donations directly to our national office:

     Autism Speaks
     Walk Donations Department
     1060 State Road, 2nd Floor
     Princeton, NJ 08540
Please have them submit the corresponding donation forms with their checks so you will be credited for your fundraising efforts.  If this is not possible, please have them indicate which walk they are supporting and your name on the memo section of the check.

Do I have to fill out one donation form for each check?
Yes.  This is the best way to ensure that you receive the credit you deserve for all your fundraising efforts.

Can I continue to collect donations after the walk?  Where do I send the checks?
Absolutely!  Please mail donations with the appropriate donation forms to:

     Autism Speaks
     Walk Donations Department
     1060 State Road, 2nd Floor
     Princeton, NJ 08540

Will the money turned in at the walk show up on my webpage and my donation report?
Absolutely.  If the corresponding donation forms were filled out and submitted along with your donations at the walk, then you should see your fundraising efforts reflected on your webpage and donation report within four weeks of the event.

I turned in a packet at the walk and do not see all the checks processed yet?
Walk Now for Autism Speaks will be conducting more than 100 walks around the nation in 2014, along with countless other fundraising events, all of which must be processed.  All donations to Autism Speaks should be deposited, processed and posted to your webpage within four weeks of the day of the event.  If a month or more has passed and you still do not see your donations on your webpage, please contact Autism Speaks by e-mail at

How long will it take before the checks I mailed show up on my page?
Please allow four weeks for your donations to be deposited, processed and posted to your webpage.

Where do I get donation forms?
Donation forms can be printed from each participant's individual webpage.   The link "make a donation offline" is just under your goals.  You can download a blank donation form here.

Can I enter donations received via check to my webpage?
There is no way to enter these yourself.  Please send all donations directly to:

     Autism Speaks
     Walk Donations Department
     1060 State Road, 2nd Floor
     Princeton, NJ 08540
Please submit the corresponding donation forms with checks so you will be credited for your fundraising efforts.  Once processed, the donation will show on your webpage.

Are donations tax deductible?
Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.
Autism Speaks is a registered 501(c)3 organization.  Our tax ID number is 20-2329938.

Who should checks be made payable to?
Please ask your supporters to make checks payable Autism Speaks.

How will my donation to Autism Speaks appear on my credit card statement?

Depending on the credit card, it might be listed as Kin*, Kintera, or KIN* AUTISM SPEAKS

Are there any additional fees in addition to the donation amount?
There are no transaction fees incurred by the donor. If you want to donate $100.00 you will be charged $100.00. If any additional fees are indicated on your credit card statement please contact so that we can work to address this issue with you.


Matching Gifts

I think my company matches.  How do I get this started?
Every company handles its own matching gift program differently.  Please go to  contact your company's Human Resources department for instructions on how to double your fundraising efforts through matching gifts.

I don't know if my company does matching gifts.  How do I find out?
Find out if you can double your donations at 

Where do I send my matching gift form?
You can send your matching gift form to:
   Autism Speaks 
   Walk Donations Department:  Matching Gifts
   1060 State Road, 2nd Floor
   Princeton, NJ 08540
I submitted a form for matching gifts but do not see the donation on my page.  Where is it?
Autism Speaks cannot post a matching gift until the corporation involved approves it.  Unfortunately, corporations match gifts on a different timetable during the year.  If you have questions regarding your matching gift, please contact your company to see if the donation has indeed been matched.  If it has, please contact Autism Speaks by e-mail at, and we will do everything we can to ensure that the donation appears on your page.



Should I start a team or join as an individual?
If you have a friend or family member joining you, please start a team.  If you are attending alone, please join as an individual.

Should I register my kids?
Yes, please register everyone who will be attending (even toddlers in strollers).  This helps us plan for the day of the event.

I have a family member who wants to join my team but may not be able to attend the walk.  Can they still join my team?
Yes, family members can still support you by joining your team and fundraise as a team member even if they are unable to attend.

Can I start a team with 2 people?
Sure.  There is not a minimum requirement for team size. 

Is there a fee to participate?
No.  There are no registration fees, but we encourage each person to reach out to their friends and family for support.

What is the cut-off to register or join a team?
You can register online up to the day of the event.  Please have everyone register as early as possible to give us a good headcount so that we can plan for a better event.  Registration is also available on site the day of the event.  

Some of my family would like to come, but not walk.  Do they need to register?

Please make sure to register each person that will attend (even if they do not walk).  It helps us know how many people to plan for.

If I am registered, do I need to do anything else to be pre-registered?
No, if you are already registered online, you are all set.

Is it better to register online or register the morning of the walk?
There are many advantages to registering before the walk.  Here are just a couple.

1. Knowing how many people to expect will help us plan for a better event for everyone.  We order all items based on how many people we have pre-registered for the walk.  

2. Each person that registers will receive a webpage within the Walk Now for Autism Speaks website.   This will give friends and family a place to go where they can donate directly to you online or get a donation form and mail a donation directly to us that will be credited to your page.   You can also customize this page with a photo and special message.


Resource Fair

What is the Resource Fair?
Our Resource Fair is made up of booths for local service providers who are there to talk to you and your family about products and services offered.

I know a local service that would be a great fit for the Resource Fair, how do I get them involved?
We are always looking for new information for our participants. Please talk to them about the event and ask them to visit the walk website to learn more about the Walk Now for Autism Speaks program.  They can click on Get Involved and then Join the Resource Fair to learn more about becoming a vendor.

Booth Vendor Questions:

What is considered a "kid Friendly Activity"?
Below is a list of activities that have been offered in the past. Or get creative and offer something new

  • Face painter
  • Bean bag toss
  • Coloring books
  • Playdoh table
  • Bubbles (please check with us for venue rules and regulations)
  • Arts and crafts projects
  • Carnival style activity
  • ** We can help you come up with an activity.

Can I get a booth with electricity?
Depending on the restrictions of the venue we may offer booths with an electrical connection for an addition fee. If electricity is an option at the event(s) in which you will be participating it will be part of the registration form.



Is Corporate Sponsorship tax deductible?
Funds given in exchange for sponsorship deliverables can be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please check with your company's accounting and tax experts to get an accurate accounting of what can be declared charitable and what is a business expense. Autism Speaks is a 501 (c)3 tax exempt organization--Tax ID Number: 20-2329938.

Can sponsorship money be credited to a personal or corporate team?
Funds earmarked to a personal or corporate team are considered donations. Corporate donations credited to a team cannot be double booked as sponsorship and do not qualify for sponsorship deliverables.

For questions regarding sponsorship or starting a corporate team please e-mail


The Day of the Walk

Are pets allowed at the walk?
Sorry but, pets are not allowed.  Many affected children have a fear of animals and even the sweetest pet could negatively affect another participant.   Please be sensitive to this issue and leave your pets at home.  Only service dogs are permitted at the walk.

Are strollers and wheelchairs allowed at the walk?
Yes.  Strollers, wheelchairs and even wagons for the little ones are all welcome.

Are bikes, rollerblades, scooters or skateboards allowed at the walk?
 For everyone's safety, we can not allow any of these items.

I may not make it to the walk when Check-In/Registration opens.  Can I arrive late?
 Yes.  Check-in will be open until the walk ends.  Please go directly to the check-in area when you arrive.

How much do I need to raise to receive a t-shirt on Walk day?
 Volunteers will distribute t-shirts to those walk participants who have turned in a minimum of $150 through walk day (both pre-event and day of event donations will be counted).

If I don't pickup my t-shirt at the event, can I get one mailed to me?
 To reduce costs, ensuring that more dollars are directed to the mission of Autism Speaks, t-shirts will be available on walk day only and not mailed to participants who are unable to attend the event. Autism Speaks will do its best to ensure that those participants who are receiving shirts will receive a shirt in the size of their choice. However, when this is not possible, another size may be substituted.

What happens if it rains on the day of the walk?
 All walks will be held on the date scheduled "rain or shine".

What do I need to bring with me on the day of the walk?
 If you have any donations, bring them along with a donation form for each.  You can save time on walk day by sending in your donations ahead of time.  You will also receive a logistics emails a couple of days before the walk with specific activities so make sure you are registered!

How do I find my supporter ID number?
 There are a few ways to find supporter ID numbers for yourself or for your registered family members.  If the suggestions below do not help, please contact us at
     1. When you register, you will receive an email to confirm your registration.  Your supporter ID number will be listed in this message.  
     2.  From your webpage - click to open the Offline Donation.  The link is listed just under goals.   The ID number is listed in the top corner under the participant's name.
     3. On your personal webpage - your ID number is at the end of the URL.



I want to volunteer with a team.  Can I only register myself online and bring everyone else the morning of the walk?
We need each volunteer on the team registered so that we know how many volunteers to plan for and what areas need to be covered.

Can I get a community service sheet for the hours that I volunteer?
Yes.  At the end of your volunteer shift, please go back to the volunteer tent and speak to the Committee or Staff member in charge.  We have forms available on letterhead that can be used.

What time should I arrive and where should I go?  

All registered volunteers will receive an email about a week before the walk with detailed information (directions, parking, where to go and what time be there, etc.).

Can my teenager volunteer with me?
Sure.  When you register, please enter a team name in the optional field so that we know you are together.  You will be scheduled together.  You can use your family name as the team name or create your own.



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