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Brother George Larkin, O.S.F. '60

Jimmy Larkin, as he was known before he became George, was chosen by God at a very young age. He was a freshman at St. Ann's High School in Manhattan, taught by the Marist Brothers who now teach in Archbishop Molloy High School in Jamaica. His first year teacher asked students to write down what they wanted to be. Jimmy wrote, "I want to be a  teaching brother."

Brother George would begin his teaching career at St. Francis Xavier Parish School in Park Slope.  Afterward, he would move to St. Bartholomew's School and Bishop Ford High School before returning to St. Bartholomew's School to serve as Principal.  After seven years with the school, St. Francis College President Brother Donald Sullivan, O.S.F. surprised Brother George by asking him to work at the College instead of the Prep school where Brother George thought he would go next.

For the next 38 years, Brother George would go on to meet thousands of students.  In recent years, he even had the chance to meet the grandchildren of some former students.  Countless valedictorians singled out Brother George for praise and for enabling them to realize their potential by providing them with a chance to earn a degree; a feat that many would not have been able to achieve without the scholarships that help keep tuition manageable for many St. Francis College students.

Brother George had such a profound impact on the lives of the students of St. Francis College that it is perhaps best to remember him through their words:

"I met Brother George in the summer of 1975.
I had failed chemistry at another school and
wasn't going to be able to attend nursing school
in the fall. I came to St. Francis and asked
Brother George if he could help me. He smiled
and said, 'That's what we do here.' I passed
chemistry, became a nurse and in 2006 joined
the nursing faculty at St. Francis College."
— Linda Perez

"I knew of Brother George long before I knew him
personally. He was a legend in the St. Francis
College community, a good and honest man
who gave all he had to the College, with his
primary focus on our students. Brother George
supported and inspired generations of our
graduates. While his presence will be missed,
his spirit will continue to be felt. He was the
embodiment of all that was good about
St. Francis College."
— John F. Tully '67
Chairman, St. Francis College
Board of Trustees

"Brother George handed me a stuffed St. Francis
Terrier doll when I was a child, an admissions
application as a teenager, an employment
application as a young adult, and a lifetime
of insight, love and example."
— Elizabeth Eames '02

"Brother George set the standard for treating
others with kindness and respect. His infinite
impact lives on in the lives of all he has touched
and inspired to follow his example."
— Gail Gilroy Chiarovano '90

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