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The KETCHUM-DOWNTOWN YMCA offers pre-event training free to YMCA members and registered Stair Climbers! Join in the fun and train at your own pace as we prepare together for the Stair Climb for Los Angeles. Meet in the lobby of the Y to sign the YMCA waiver and building waiver, which you will bring down with you each time you train!  If you are already down near the Wilshire at Figueroa building (PricewaterhouseCoopers building), we will have YMCA and building waivers down there on the corner of Figueroa and Wilshire so you don't have to come all the way to the Y. No IDs are needed for the building, but please wait for YMCA trainers to begin climbing.  Participants can be 10 years of age or older and must be accompanied by an adult and have their parents/guardians sign their waivers. You can arrive up to 15 minutes early before training to use the YMCA locker room...remember to bring your own lock.  After training, shower up and enjoy Downtown!  The YMCA will also provide validated $2 parking in the City National Garage for up to 3 hours (attached to the Y - enter off of Hope or Flower).  Please arrive no later than 30 minutes after a training has started and the last climber will be let through at 7:15pm in order to finish training at 7:30pm. In the Wilshire at Figueroa building, you will climb to floor 51, take the freight elevator down and exit through the lobby to finish your training or climb again via the exterior stairwell door. We are very grateful for the use of this building so please follow friendly climbing etiquette and keep noise to a minimum for tenants. No headphones, radios, iPods or cell phones nor gum, food or beverages will be allowed in the stairwell, however water bottles can be placed along the flower bed ledges outside the stairwell entrance on the exterior of the building. Please make sure not to leave any bottles after training is complete. We deeply appreciate your compliance as we try to make this a safe training program and respect our neighbors! Best of luck!

Training Calendar*

Outside Boot Camp - Spanish Steps

Mon: July 8 & 15, 6pm-7pm

Wed: July 10 & 17, 6pm-7pm

Fri: July 12, 19, 26, August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, September 6, 13, 20, 6:30am-7:30am


Wilshire at Figueroa (601 S Figueroa - 51 stories) 

Mon: July 22, 29, August 5, 12, 19, 26, September 9, 16, 23, 6pm-7:30pm  

Wed: July 24, 31, August 7, 14, 21, 28, September 11, 18, 6pm-7:30pm 

Off on September 2 in observance of Labor Day

UPDATE: 6pm-7:30pm training on Wed, September 4 will be held at the Spanish Steps outside of the Ketchum-Downtown YMCA

 *Training dates, times, locations & trainers are subject to change


Training & Nutrition Tips

Tip #1: The best and most important thing you can do for training is to climb stairs. Begin with a 10-minute workout using real stairs each week. You can also join our YMCA led trainings in Downtown Los Angeles.  See above for the dates.

Tip #2: Train as you would for a 5k or 3.1 mile race, the Stair Climb for Los Angeles actually takes less time! Most people complete it in about 20-45 minutes.

Tip #3: Remember to always warm-up your muscles before you begin to climb. Once you start, pick a tempo that feels right to you and stick with it. Once you get the steps down, you can begin working at a quicker pace.

Tip #4: To improve your cardiovascular fitness during training, mix in different speeds and effort levels during your workouts. For example, do 2 minutes of easy climbing followed by 1 minute of maximum effort. As you get more fit, you can increase your maximum effort time to 2 or 3 minutes and keep your recovery pace to 2 minutes.

Tip #5: Another way to train is to hit every step on odd floors, and hit every other step on even floors.

Tip #6: Take advantage of the great weather in Southern California by organizing a training hike! Santa Monica and Runyon Canyon have some excellent stairs for training.

Tip #7: Keep it interesting by racing against the clock. In your first 5 minutes of training, keep track of how many floors or stairs you finish. Aim to do 2-3 more floors or stairs than the first one, and keep challenging yourself to do more every 5 minutes.

Tip #8: Flexibility is important to help prevent injuries and recover from sore tight muscles after training. It?s important to stretch for at least 5 minutes after your workouts.

Tip #9: Feed your body well while training. Stock up on nutrients, vitamins, and H2O to recover and get stronger. Cut out on sodas, juices, and sugary drinks. Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Increase your carbohydrate intake slightly, but keep it under control. Oatmeal, brown rice, and yams are good choices. Stay away from white pasta, white potatoes, and white bread because these foods are too processed and will spike your blood sugar too quickly.

Tip #10: You do not need to carbo-load for the Stair Climb and you should avoid large meals the day of the race. However, 200 calories of bread, bananas, or similarly bland foods before coming to the race could give you just the boost you need.

Tip #11: Relax and be confident in yourself. Mentally prepare yourself the night before the Climb. Picture climbing up the stairs as quickly as possible.

Tip #12: The day of the event, wear comfortable shoes like running shoes and not cross-trainers, sneakers, and basketball shoes which are a little stiff and heavy. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after the climb. Warm-up exercises will be provided for you 15 minutes before you climb.

Tip #13: A common mistake is to ascend too rapidly at the beginning of the race, causing shortness of breath or lightheadedness. Climb slowly and take your time while ascending the first 10 floors, then ease yourself into a pace that works for you.

Tip #14: We have several water stations along the route, but you can stay hydrated by drinking about 16oz of water before training or coming to the race.

Tip #15: HAVE FUN! This is a great high energy community event after all. Thank you for joining us in the Stair Climb for Los Angeles!



401 S Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(P) 213 639 7453

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