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Invite Your Friends to Walk on the Bright Side
and Help Support Our Mission to Fund ALS Research

Register today to be a Bright Side of the Road fundraiser and start making a difference in our mission to fund ALS research. Our Friends Asking Friends initiativemakes it fun and easy to reach out to friends and family. Upon registering with us, you automatically get your own personal webpage and easy to use online tools to help you raise money for our cause.

Your own personal webpage
If you know how to use a mouse and keyboard, you'll find it easy to build your own webpage that tells your friends about your goals and how they can help. Customize it with "point and click" artwork and, if you're inspired, get your kids to help you insert your own photos.

Get everyone excited about your goal
Your personal webpage automatically honors those who donate through your email campaign and tallies your total fundraising in real time. The fun really gets going when your friends compete to become leading donors, or as a Team, try to out-do other teams.

Get back in touch with old friends
Remember saying, "We'll just have to get together and do something real soon?" What a perfect opportunity to do just that. And so convenient! Send an email and invite them to visit your webpage and see what you're doing on the Bright Side!

Make it a family activity
Friends Asking Friends is so easy, everyone can take part in doing something good. What a fun way to teach kids the rewards of giving!


Do you have questions about fundraising for Bright Side of the Road Foundation? Contact our
Operations Director Jen Leonard, and she'll be happy to answer any of your questions and help bring you online as an official fundraiser.

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