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Steps for Success

Step 1: Register to get started!

  • Enter your personal information
  • Establish an account and login password
  • Make a $25 minimum personal donation on our secure website to register
  • Set your fundraising goal (an Ambassador goal is $1,000 or more)

Once registered you will have access to your online Headquarters (HQ) where you will find convenient online tools to make fundraising a snap:

  • Click on "Build/Edit my Webpage" to personalize the page your friends, family and personal network will see.
  • Make your page unique by editing the generic message and photo.
  • Be open and enthusiastic about why you are involved with Children's Hospital and what you are committing to financially.
  • Your own commitment is worthy of attention.

Step 2: Personalize the e-mail appeal template and send it off!

E-mailing is an easy and effective way to raise money. Click on "Send E-mails to Friends and Family" to write a new message or edit a template already provided. Your e-mail will automatically include a direct link back to your personal page for donors to sponsor you. Giving and receiving is joyous, so have fun and communicate from the heart!

Personalize your e-mail to include:

  • Your fundraising goal
  • Why you are inspired to give to Children's Hospital Los Angeles including any personal connections
  • An appeal for a specific dollar amount

Be proud to ask everyone you know - you are representing an amazing institution. Demonstrate that your own support is unwavering. If you don't receive a response from your first e-mail, don't be shy; ask again- polite persistence pays off!

Step 3: Say thank you!

You will receive an e-mail notification when you receive a donation to your fundraising page. And you may review your contributions in your HQ by clicking on "Check Donation Report." When you receive a donation, make sure to send a heartfelt and personal thank you note or e-mail to each donor. For an added touch, send them periodic updates on your fundraising progress.

Click here for more fundraising tips!

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