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> Speakers & Performers

We are honored to have the following speakers and performers this year: 


Barbara Amaya, Author, Survivor

Barbara Amaya, survivor, author, and advocate, has spoken and shared her story at several events and colleges including George Mason University, The Byrd Theatre, through various media venues such as Fox News, Channel 4, and publications including the WashingtonTimes where she writes a column. She is writing a memoir called A Girl’s Guide to Survival: Life Lessons From the Street, and you can find her at, @barbaraamaya4 on Twitter,  and on Facebook.


Tina Frundt, Founder & Executive Director, Courtney's House, Survivor

Ms. Frundt has been actively raising awareness of the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) on a national level since 2000. Herself a survivor of sex trafficking, Ms. Frundt is deeply committed to helping others living through experiences similar to her own. She has been featured on numerous national media outlets, including Lisa Ling’s Show “Our America”, which featured an undercover look into sex trafficking; “3Am Girls” on the Oprah Winfrey Network; and the CNN Freedom Project. She was the first U.S. citizen to be awarded the Frederick Douglas Award from Free the Slaves, which recognizes those who have survived a form of slavery and are now using their lives in freedom to help others. She has testified before U.S. Congress about her experiences and the need for greater protection and services for trafficked persons. In addition, she works closely with law enforcement and service providers around the country to train them about domestic minor sex trafficking. In 2008, Ms. Frundt founded Courtney's House, a non-profit that provides services for domestically sex trafficked youth.


Holly Smith, Journalist, Survivor

Holly is a survivor of child trafficking and an advocate against all forms of human trafficking. Holly works with survivors and anti-human trafficking organizations across the country.  When she isn't speaking, Holly is writing for her weekly column with the Washington Times and working on a memoir about her experience with commercial sexual exploitation at the age of fourteen.

Andrea Powell, Co-founder & Executive Director, FAIR Girls

Andrea Powell co-founded FAIR Girls in 2003. For the past 8 years, Andrea has led FAIR Girls’ efforts to prevent the trafficking of girls in the United States and in FAIR Girls’ global programs in Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Russia, and Uganda.  In her current position at FAIR Girls, Andrea over-sees all operational, programmatic, and developmental aspects of FAIR Girls.  Andrea currently serves as the FAIR Girls’ chief liaison to the D.C. Anti Trafficking Task Force and has trained hundreds of U.S. and international audiences, including federal and local law enforcement, service providers, state and federal policy makers, teachers, how to identify and assist child victims of sex and forced labor trafficking. In 2009, Ms. Powell served as co-investigator to a Department of Justice funded study on commercial sexual exploitation of children in the United States. Ms. Powell currently acts as an adjacent professor at the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University. Her efforts to stop the trafficking of youth have been featured in media outlets including CNN, the BBC, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal, and Voice of America.


Victoria Pannell, Youth Activist

Victoria Pannell is a 13-year-old model, actress, and activist from Harlem, NY. At the age of 6, Victoria was the youngest volunteer to go on the American Family Drive which was a 20 truck convey that carried emergency food and supplies to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. She has championed many causes since her start at such a young age.

Victoria's latest campaign is closest to her heart and is to bring awareness to the world's 2nd most committed crime, human trafficking. She is determined not to stop fighting until all companies or persons responsible for humans being sold are brought to justice. In June of this year, Victoria partnered with FAIR Girls to put pressure on Village Voice Media to shut down on-line sexual advertising on, which is responsible for a large percentage of underage sexual trafficking. Victoria is now one of the country's youngest advocates working full time speaking, writing and protesting to bring awareness to the horrors of human trafficking, slavery, and child sex abuse.


Kelly Heinrich, President, Global Freedom Center

Kelly Heinrich is a career anti-trafficker whose work has spanned legal services, legislation and policy; government and non-profit; and globally in addition to right here in the U.S. She is also the co-founder of the Global Freedom Center. Currently the Center is launching the 5/20 Campaign – training 5 million professionals by 2020 to identify and prevent human trafficking.


Evelyn Chumbow, Survivor

Evelyn Chumbow is a woman from Cameroon and a survivor of child labor trafficking. Her studies at the University of Baltimore focus on humanitarian work. She is the first woman of her country to have the opportunity to learn in depth about human trafficking. Upon first reaching the United States, Evelyn was forced to cook, clean, and take care of the children of her female recruiter. After 7 years of captivity, Evelyn escaped. Her recruiter was prosecuted and sentenced to 17 years in prison.

Stacy Jewell Lewis, Writer & Actress, Survivor

Stacy Jewell Lewis, writer and director of Stolen: From Playgrounds to Streetlights, was raised in the DC metropolitan area from the age of five. Stacy, who was encouraged in the arts by her father, has always adored performing for others. Her dreams to become an actress were, however, cut short at the age of 19 after she accepted a ride from an elderly man who had been paid by a trafficker to abduct her.

Through the performing arts, Stacy has dedicated herself to her own recovery as well as the recovery of other survivors. Her powerful dramatizations have helped organizations such as the Department of Justice, Shared Hope International, The Araminta Freedom Initiative and The Baltimore FBI Special Task Force.

Contact Stacy at or find her on and


Photo Credit: Elizabeth Scaife

Shamere McKenzie, Protected Innocence Policy Assistant, Shared Hope International, Survivor

Shamere McKenzie is the Protected Innocence Initiative Policy Assistant for Shared Hope International, Subject matter expert consultant with the Department of Justice, Survivor Support Group Leader for Turn Around Inc., mentor for survivors of sex trafficking, a member of the DC Human Trafficking Task Force, and a national survivor speaker.

In her dynamic talks, lectures, and workshops, Shamere not only shares her story, but she educates people about the tricks pimps use to convince girls to get involved in “the game.” She believes she is the voice for those who are still enslaved, those who perished while enslaved and those who are free but don’t have the courage to speak.

Kay Chernush, Founder & Director, Artworks for Freedom

Kay Chernush is an award-winning US photographer with more than 30 years experience in commercial and fine art image-making. Her extensive work photographing human trafficking has taken her all over the world for the U.S. State Department, Free the Slaves, Hagar International, Bus-des-Femmes, the International Cocoa Initiative, Bonded Labour in the Netherlands (now FairWork) and other anti-trafficking organizations. Some of her images are displayed along the Walk route. In 2011, she founded Artworks for Freedom, a nonprofit organization that uses the power of art to fight modern slavery and human trafficking.  


Melissa Arndorfer, Program Manager, The FREE Project

Melissa Arndorfer is the Program Manager for The FREE Project national. She also serves as the president of The FREE Project chapter at The George Washington University. She is currently a senior at GWU majoring in International Affairs.


Brook Bello, Survivor, Author, Mentor

Brook Bello is a Survivor and film-maker turned activistand NGO Founder of and the Above the Noise Restoration Program. Brook's story of being a survivor and her recent Documentary FilmSURVIVORwas featured in articles ESSENCE and the October 2012 issue of EBONY magazine. Brook is currently on a Stop Sex-Slavery Awareness Tour with her mentor and NGO founder Barbara Perkins and IBWPPI


Ka Flewellen, Vice President, International Black Women's Public Policy Institute

Ka Flewellen, Co-Founder and Vice President of The International BlackWomen's Public Policy Institute, is no stranger to movements such as the Stop Human Trafficking Movement. For more than three decades, Ka has been a dedicated activist and community organizer, participating in the free South Africa Movement and has been a strong voice for women and girls internationally and  on the domestic front.  Her work on fighting for women in poverty, women faced with HIV/Aids and  for the equal pay for women has made a positive difference.

As Co-Founder of IBWPPI, Ka Flewellen and Barbara Perkins' vision is to connect and advocate for Black Women globally through acts of kindness and public policy. Their mission is to work in the US and internationally to convene hearings and discussions to evaluate the impact of current public policies and to initiate new policies that address the major threats to the well-being of Black Women.


Mary David, Event Emcee, Director of Public Relations, Foundation for Post Conflict Development, TV Host


Musical Performances:

Bethany and the Guitar

The Ruin City



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