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Creating and Editing Your Webpage

Immediately after registering, you will be taken to your headquarters (after you hit "Continue" on your confirmation page). This is what you will see when you log in to your headquarters:

This is where you access all of the tools that we give you to customize and promote your webpage. To work on your page, click on the "My Webpage" tab at the top (or "Edit my Site" on the left or "Build/Edit my Webpage" on the right).

This is what you will see:

You can change the title of your page, the caption under the image(s) and the text on your page. You can browse the pictures that we've provided by clicking on "select" or you can click on "upload" to add your own. The picture must be under 50KB and the best dimensions are 300 by 234 pixels. If you need help shrinking a picture that is too large, email it to and we will help you out.

Other things to edit that show up on your page:

  • Change your fundraising goal on the main HQ page (click the "My HQ" tab)
  • If you don't want to show money raised to date on your page, click on the "Tools" tab and then "Edit Profile".


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