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Event Info:
We can't all ride our bikes from Austin to Anchorage, but that doesn't mean we can't support the fight against cancer in our own way. Join the Texas 4000 Support Team and choose your own goal in support of our shared mission. Train 4,000 miles in a year, pick an endurance event that seems like a stretch, climb a mountain... whatever pushes you to reach beyond your own limitations. There is no minimum fundraising requirement or strict goal guidelines, although we encourage you to choose fitness and fundraising goals that are challenging for you to reach! Give your friends and family the opportunity to support your efforts with a donation to Texas 4000. You will be earning cool incentives and together we will be fueling the Texas 4000 riders in their fight against cancer, funding cancer research and support services, and sharing hope, knowledge and charity in our own communities Please contact with any Support Team questions.
Event Location:
Wherever you decide!

Event Schedule:

You may join the 2017 Texas 4000 Support Team at any point between November 1, 2016 - September 30, 2017. Choose your goal and begin fundraising today!11/1/2016 - 9/30/2017
Standard: No Fees
General Registration


Participant Level
Super SAG ($2,500.00 + ) 
Fundraise more than $2,500 and receive a Texas 4000 team jersey, T-shirt, and hat, 2 tickets to the ATLAS Kick-off party, and 2 tickets to the 2016 Tribute Gala on Saturday, August 27th, 2016. The Tribute Gala is the welcome home event that celebrates the most recent group of riders to reach Alaska.

Century Supporter ($1,000.00 - $2,499.00) 
Fundraise up to $2,499 and receive a Texas 4000 team jersey, T-shirt, and hat, as well as 2 tickets to the pre-ATLAS Kick-off party on Friday, June 3rd where you will receive special recognition for your efforts.

Paceline Partner ($500.00 - $999.00) 
Fundraise up to $999 and receive a Texas 4000 team jersey, T-shirt and hat!

Pedal Pal ($250.00 - $499.00) 
Fundraise up to $499 and receive a Texas 4000 T-shirt and hat!

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